Z Grills VS Pit Boss

Having a grill at home is going to be fun for the cookout season. There are more than plenty to choose from when you are trying to invest on a new grill or smoker but Z Grills Vs Pit Boss are some of the best to consider. These grills and smokers are very easy to use and straightforward so that it is difficult to go wrong. For those also considering the options, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Slow Cook With Smoker
  • What are Z Grills and Pit Boss
  • How are the Design of Z Grills and Pit Boss Smoker
  • How are the Capacity of Z Grills and Pit Boss
  • How are the Convenience of Z Grills and Pit Boss
  • How are the Performance of Z Grills and Pit Boss
  • Z Grills Vs Pit Boss

Slow Cooking With Smoker

Cooking at home is great and while it is certainly convenient to buy take away or to eat in restaurants, sometimes we just want to eat our own food made by hand and seasoned according to our preference. If you are here then we assume that you also love grilled and smoked meats. Our stoves and ovens are not able to produce the same flavor that can mimic these cooking methods so it is necessary to learn how to properly do it with ideal equipment.

The perfect season for cookout is probably about to come and you are planning on inviting friends, family, and neighbors to the occasions. We need to prepare lots of things including the grill or smoker first. For those who are more into the richness or smoky flavors, smoking is a great method to achieve this unique experience. We can easily smoke meats or other ingredients at home with the ideal equipment such as Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Vs 560 which are not only high in capacity but also very easy to use.

After you have the ideal grill or smoker, it is time to decide what to cook and it is great to not limit ourselves to certain ingredients only. Meat is of course the most popular and not only the most used cuts, we can also try the less known cuts, just to see whether it works great and matches your personal taste. Mac and Cheese are worth trying as well and if you have been smoking chicken and meat, it is probably time to try lobster tail too.

But, if this is your first time cooking with this method, we do think it is good to keep things simpler since smokers are generally not very convenient. Try the ingredients that we can afford to ruin because cooking takes time to master including with a smoker. Try cheaper options that cook faster too such as poultry, fish, and sausage. Pork is also great since they are naturally high in fat to give that flavor and tenderness when you slow cook them.

Don’t forget to prepare the meat first before tossing it on a griller. We can rub, season, or inject them with the seasoning or prep ingredients to your liking. If you use high quality steak they may only need oil, salt, and pepper but if you use cheaper cuts, there may be more steps to improve the result. For example when smoking a rack of ribs, we need to remove the membrane and use dry rub on both sides or if you use large chunk, we can inject it with herbs, butter, and broth.

 Z GrillsPit Boss
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Product Dimensions48 x 22 x 51 inches
50.2 x 24.02 x 39.8 inches
Shipping Weight84 pounds
97.8 pounds

About Z Grills and Pit Boss

Just like cooking with stoves and ovens, it is okay to mess up while learning and it actually helps us understand what to do next with the same ingredients by avoiding the same mistake. Smoking in general is time consuming just like any slow cooking method but one of the highest challenges is keeping the smoker at the same temperature ideal for your cooking process. Unlike an oven, the manual smoker needs constant attention to achieve the same temperature throughout the cooking process.

As for the equipment itself, it is wise to choose the one that you are confident with such as based on the fuel or features. Z Grills and Pit Boss are some of the most promising options if you are in the market for a new grill or smoker and it is for good reasons. Both are popular brands of pellet grill so if you prefer the taste of wood pellet and often cook in low heat, this type of smoker will be very ideal.

Our favorite thing about these grill and smoker is their features because we all know that starting a smoker and maintaining them while cooking requires much effort, moreover if you will be working on other things too. The models we choose today are the 700 square inch and the 465 square inch total cooking area respectively so other models may have different capacity or slight difference in design and of course the price point.

In comparison these specific models are very easy to use and highly similar but price wise the higher capacity Z Grills will be the more expensive choice this time. Personally we love both and recommend any of the two that seems to match your need or the amount of food to cook at once. If you will cook for a standard family size, the Pit Boss 440 Deluxe should be a wiser choice based on the capacity and budget.

Z Grills and Pit Boss Design

Just like most grills or smokers, these Z Grills and Pit Boss will come in parts that require some assembly. It is quite a time consuming process but necessary and if you can, it is nice to have two people working together just so it can be done faster. The materials are steel and they are sturdy so we think they can last for a very long time with proper care. You can buy a cover too in order to prevent dust, water, or snow from damaging the smoker.

The styling of these grills and smokers are kind of similar because as you can see, there is one barrel for the cooking chamber and there is another compartment next to it which is a pellet hopper. This is also where you will find the digital control and for Pit Boss, there is a larger display to show related information. Unlike Z Grills, this Pit Boss has no chimney but few holes in the back of the top for the smoke to come out of.

Z Grills and Pit Boss Capacity

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Z Grills and Pit Boss can offer starting from the capacity first. The two are large enough for a typical family and you can definitely fit a few racks of ribs and several chickens to roast at once. Specific for these 7002B and 440 Deluxe, the total capacity for cooking are 700 square inches and 465 square inches when added with the top racks. In general the 7002B is much larger and the hopper can contain 4x more fuel than 440 Deluxe.

Z Grills and Pit Boss Features

As we all know, cooking with a smoker is not convenient and if you want to start easy, these Z Grills and Pit Boss are very ideal to count on to. This is because unlike charcoal grills, they use wood pellets that are easier to burn. The smokers can light up with a simple mechanism from the equipment that is also automatic; almost like starting a regular stove. All you need to do is fill the hopper and press a button then adjust the temperature.

In traditional smokers, we need to adjust the fuel and air flow to achieve and maintain an ideal temperature but it is much easier with these two since they are working automatically. There is a thermometer inside that can monitor the current temperature and we think it is quite accurate too. There is a panel that covers the grate from direct fire which also works to channel the grease so if you want an easier maintenance, we can put an aluminum foil on it.

Z Grills and Pit Boss Performance 

From the performance part, both Z Grills and Pit Boss are amazing, just make sure that they are away from rain and snow because since they use digital features, it can be easy to get damaged. You can change the grease collector as well if cooking with direct heat using Pit Boss. The temperature setting is the most convenient and you can use any type of wood pellets. We do recommend using them at modest temperatures however because anything above 300 will be difficult to achieve.

Z Grills Vs Pit Boss

The Z Grills and Pit Boss are ideal options for slow cooking and they are reliable. The way to operate both smokers are the same so the convenience is at the same level too but, Pit Boss seems to be more reliable at higher temperature and out of the box it can be adjusted to higher heat cooking. Depending on the panel we put below the grate, some people use it for direct heat cooking as well. Price wise they are similar based on the capacity.

- ULTIMATE 8-IN-1 WOOD PELLET GRILL & SMOKER - bbq✓bake✓roast✓braise✓smoke✓grill✓sear✓char-grill, you can do everything on here
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- FOR FAMILIES AND PARTIES - Features 700 sq inches of wide cooking space that allows you to place all at once and cook efficiently, 180° to 450° F Adjustable temperature range gives you great flexibility for different food
- Premium Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
- Removable Side Shelf/Serving Tray
- Two large Wheels
- Digital Control Board w/ LED Readout


There is no bad option and we do love these smokers. We recommend the Pit Boss because it seems more reliable, especially for high heat cooking. From the overall build quality Pit Boss is rigid and for this specific model, we get a useful tray too.

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