Weber Spirit E310 vs E330

Barbeque party is always an exciting event to look forward because all of us love grilled foods whether it is a meat steak or just grilled vegetables marinated with a refreshing sauce. For those who plan to feed several people in their backyard, Weber Spirit E310 Vs E330 will be a nice choice to help you cook enough food for several people at once but also easy to use and have a stable heat. If you are also eyeing these grillers, see which model fits you the best here.

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  • Is Grilling Food Dangerous
  • What are Grill Types
  • What are Weber Spirit E310 and E330
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  • What else Weber Spirit E310 and E330 can offer
  • How to Clean Weber Spirit E310 and E330
  • Weber Spirit E310 Vs E330

Grilling Food

Cooking outdoors and enjoying them with the people you love and have fun with is one of the best reasons to always look forward to summer because this is the ideal momentum to gather them together and spend some quality time. Gathering is never complete without a tasty foods and cold drinks that sometime we can go overboard and consume too many calories, especially on the weekend. It is indeed hard to control food or alcohol intake during holiday but make sure to stop so it won’t ruin your fitness goal.

Outdoor events also closely related to barbequing and since there is a fact that grilled foods are causing some types of cancer, it seems that many of us starting to hold back from enjoying these tasty foods altogether. The information is legit and grilling foods will increase advanced glycation end products or we called it as AGEs that is actually naturally occurring in our bodies and in some cooked foods, the most prominent will be in meat and it has been related to cancer and issues like Alzheimer’s.

However, it is not only happening in grilling foods but also cooking foods in general so it is almost impossible to avoid them altogether, but we can minimize them by cooking method, temperature, duration, and of course the type of food. Since it is higher in meat products due to its fat and protein, it is better to limit the amount of steak or meat in your plate and filled up more with veggies so we can still get the important nutrition but also safer.

Grill Types

Talking about grilled foods we also have to choose the grills because there are quite the amount of options out there that we can choose depending on which type suits your house better. If you live in an apartment or only cook for one to two people, getting an electric grill like Weber Q1400 vs Q2400 will be the most ideal because most of them are smaller in size and compact enough to be stored in your cabinet while also convenient and easy to use as well as safer.

If your house has several members living inside or you often gather friends and family for an eating out event, charcoal grill and gas grill will be the most ideal choice because most of them are bigger and has wider cooking surface so we can cook more food at once. Charcoal grills are often prohibited and in comparison, liquid propane is more acceptable and can reach a higher temperature in a shorter time. It is safer and convenient for we don’t have to tend the heat like with charcoal grills.

About Weber Spirit E310 and E330

If you already consider which model will fit the environment the most, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because we have so many of them out there and chances not all of these options will match your certain needs. However, if you want to shop quickly, we can see what the other similar customers are picking because most of the time we might have the same preferences as them as well and among those huge companies, Weber is one of the best.

This brand is almost like the synonym for grills and the reason is they always offer reliable products to allow their customers to grill food deliciously at home, anytime without having to pay so much money. Weber also carry many collections on their catalogue so users can pick the grill model with features or sizes they need. If you are going to grill for the family or friends, Weber Spirit E310 and E330 will be a very ideal choices to go.

As the name suggests, they are coming from the same line and a very close brother indeed so it is not surprising to see some people confused about which to choose for they are visually identical to each other. However, they are not actually the same because as the big brother, E330 is coming with additional features which you may want to or not depending on your cooking habits especially those who loves searing veggies and sauces while grilling the patties or steaks.

Both of Weber Spirit E310 and E330 are coming with many features on board but our favorite is their wide cooking areas which mean we can shorten the cooking time and being fueled by gas means they can reach a higher heat in no time as well. These specific grills are only fueled by liquid propane gas tank which is not included on the package so they are not suitable with natural gas. 

Weber Spirit E310 and E330 Design

Aesthetically speaking, these grills are very similar to each other both from the design and measurement as well as material to build the whole unit. They are painted black and has stainless steel side tables on the sides that you can use to put ingredients or foods that have been grilled or cooked conveniently. They also have a tall lid to keep the temperature from escaping and heat your food faster with a thermometer built in on top of it.

When you see them closely, there are actually several wheels on the bottom to easily take these grills out and moving them from one spot to another but if your backyard is soil and grass, it can be a bit hard to roll these types of wheels on top of them. We also love that both of them have a fairly huge storage room to keep your barbequing tools when not in use.

Weber Spirit E310 and E330 Cooking Surface

The first thing we often check out when looking for a grill is the burner and cooking surface because they will affect how fast we can cook and we always want to cook quickly and then start enjoying the food right when it is still hot so both of Weber Spirit E310 and E330 are going to give you the same 32.000 BTU burners input to heat and cook your foods combined with a primary cooking surface of 424 square inches.

This wide area should be enough to feed more than 4 people at one cooking depending on how many foods being served at one plate at the same time. If you see closely, there is another rack placed on top of this main cooking plate and it is very convenient to put cooked foods before they are eaten to keep them warm and juicy. It can take far less than the main cooking area around a quarter of it and since it is porcelain-enameled, we can wipe it clean easily.

As for the main cooking grates, these grills are coming with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron grates because the iron is best when it comes to effective heating time and a high ability to retain it while the porcelain will ease the cleaning up job.

Weber Spirit E310 and E330 Features

Coming to the additional features, this is what sets these liquid propane grills apart the most because as it has been mentioned above, Weber Spirit E330 will have another feature that you may want or not and it is a side burner. They do come with two side tables but the big brothers use the left side table as a side burners and it is adding the cooking area of E330 because here we can use it like a stove to heat soup, sauce, deep fried anything.

Another feature we love from these grills are their built-in thermometer because not all Weber models have it and it can be very helpful to make sure that the temperature inside is hot enough before you put the ingredients in.

Cleaning Weber Spirit E310 and E330

Weber Spirit E310 and E330 are also easy to clean because we can just wash and scrapped the sticky food remains with stainless steel brush or any solid brush to remove them after every cooking. They have a reusable drip pan that we can put in these grillers to catch liquid especially when cooking meat but if you are not fond of cleaning this pan, just use the disposable pan on its place so then we don’t have to wash it.


These grills are an ideal choice for a family outing days or barbeque event in your backyard with several useful features. They are practically the same almost on all of the capability list but the big brother E330 is coming with more on its sleeves by offering a side burner to let you cook more food or heating up sauce and making another dishes on the side. When you close the lid we can also use it like a table to put ingredients and plates.

Weber Spirit E310 vs E330

- Boasts the GS4 grilling system with improved infinity ignition, burners, porcelain-enameled Glamorizer Bars, and grease Management system
- Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates
- 529 Square inches of cooking space over three burners. Left Table down width - 42 inches
- Equipped with upgraded features and the perfect size for hosting a BBQ or everyday family grilling
- Sear station creates an intense heat zone to quickly add sear marks on meat; Built-in lid thermometer
- Keep food warm or toast buns on the built-in warming rack and simmer BBQ sauce or sauté veggies on the side burner


All in all there is no bad option in these choices because they are equally reliable but, comparing the two, if you are going to need the side burner to cook food or heat them like while using a saucepan, we do recommend to pick Weber Spirit E330. 

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