Weber S310 vs S330

In the event that you are keen on purchasing the grill machine, at that point you can attempt the Weber brand. This brand is outstanding all throughout the world, particularly in America. You can discover such huge numbers of Weber grill machines staying nearby in the individuals’ terrace which demonstrates that the Weber-Stephen item is likely one of the most foreseen items. 

Two that are extremely famous are the Weber S310 and Weber S330. Weber S310 is a well-known barbecue grill which accompanies the utilization of both propane and petroleum gas.

It offers numerous highlights with an excellent outcome and a wide range of color decisions for your liking. Then again, S330 is likewise one of the steadiest Weber items.

It is the hardened steel burner which is utilizing the gas as its fuel, equivalent to S310, it can utilize both propane and gaseous petrol. It likewise has many energizing highlights with the conventional look connected to it. So, on the off chance that you are keen on these items, let us see the comparison below. 

Weber Quality 

Weber grill machines are furnished with different highlights; front-mounted control handles, side burners, and another Sear Station Boost burner which enables you to blaze singe steaks to flawlessness. The territory presently comes furnished with the Weber Cast Iron Gourmet Grate. A few models are even built-in vogue treated steel. See also: Weber Q2000 vs Q1000.

Looking at the 5-star surveys from past clients, as a privately-owned company energetic about Weber grill machines, you can be guaranteed your BBQ experience in the most ideal hands all through your buy and after support.  

There are presently two models in the Genesis line up which is the Weber Genesis E series and the Weber Genesis S series tempered steel grill. Weber’s amazing cooking framework is truly the central core of each of your BBQ experiences. It is the explanation Weber company plays out the manner in which they do, and why they keep going for so long. 

Moreover, purchasing any model or type of Weber grill machines is like an investment as the company is willing to give a restricted assurance of as long as ten years. You can be guaranteed that in the improbable occasion that something turns out badly, you have the reinforcement of Weber’s awesome client care. 

Highlights and Features 

Weber S310 has an immense warming rack that scales for around 130 square inches which are somewhat greater than the standard cooking grate. Different highlights resemble the side gas burner or the gas flame broil which is robust with a strong top.

The top additionally has the thermometer for you to always observing your barbecued nourishment. The barbecue itself is lit by the electronic start framework. 

For Weber S310, it has an electronic start framework in every one of its burners. The aggregate of burners it has is three, so it is a simple errand to screen it. On the opposite side, Weber S330 is fundamentally the same as S310, though the essential material is hardened steel. It likewise has an electronic start framework. 

However, it includes the porcelain-enameled heat redirector and the treated steel flavorizer bars. Weber S330 is additionally made with smart use. It is better utilized with respect to two-zone aberrant cooking. This makes your side rack is free for the workspace. The warming rack is pretty similar to S310 which is 130 square inches.  


Such a significant number of highlights that Weber S330 demonstrates that Weber’s company truly feels like innovation should be added to improve an item. In this way, the outcome that you get so far is fabulous. Weber S330 is truly solid. It has a consistent warmth which is the aftereffect of the effective warmth structure. 

You can do numerous flame broil without a moment’s delay with its burners which have two-zone aberrant cooking. You certainly can cook a wonderful steak with Weber S330. Then again, Weber S310 is increasingly about Weber S330 before updated.

It is fundamentally the same as short the two-zone aberrant cooking and the porcelain heat redirector. Other stuff like the three burners or the start framework is additionally applied in S330. The presentation of S310 is additionally entrancing. However, Weber S330 is better in a term of service. 

Overall Comparison 

Weber S-330 likewise has the tempered steel update both remotely and inside like Weber S-310. The former has an extra side burner and singe station contrasted with the later. 

The flush-mounted side burner delivers around 12,000 BTU. The side burner additionally accompanies a cover that is utilized to ensure the burner at whatever point it is not being used.  

The single station in this unit has an extra burner which enables you to burn the meat quick when required. This burner is exclusively controlled and creates an extra 10,000 BTU. 

Weber S310 vs S330

- 10 year warranty, 100% Weber guarantee
- Equipped with the powerful GS4 High Performance Grilling System. Dimensions - Lid Open (inches)-62 H x 59 W x 31 D inches
- Solid 7mm stainless steel rod cooking grates provide superior heat retention
- The fuel gauge lets you see how much fuel is left in the tank (LP only)
- 3 stainless-steel burners with individual electronic ignition system; porcelain-enameled heat deflectors
- 7 mm diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates; stainless steel Flavorizer bars
- 6 tool hooks; 2 heavy-duty front locking and back swivel casters
- Stainless steel enameled shroud with center-mounted thermometer; enclosed cart with stainless steel doors and handles


Weber grill machine is a decent worth premium barbecue grill that accompanies numerous varieties to oblige the requirements of the clients. That being said, the Weber grill machine, by and large, is a strong form, smooth, and classy looking, top-tier grill machine. You will not lament getting one with a huge cooking territory to support you, in drawing out your imaginative cooking skills. 

Weber S330 is the overhauled rendition of Weber S310. Weber S310 has just gotten innumerable commending for its prosperity. However, Weber’s company would not like to stop and polish Weber significantly more which is an indication that Weber’s producer is minding with their clients. So, on the off chance that you need to purchase Weber grill machine, attempt to purchase the most up to date one like Weber S330. 

So, what are you waiting for? You should look at any online stores first to get the average cost. At that point, go to your neighborhood store and check whether they are selling out their stock or not. Presently, the barbecuing season is close to its end, so you could luck out and score a lot.

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