Weber Q2000 vs Q1000

In many states, grillers especially the charcoal type is not allowed to be used depend on the regulation but the fact is we can still enjoy grilled foods at home with compact grills like Weber Q2000 Vs Q1000 because they use propane gas as the fuel source. Both of them are very similar to each other and while the benefits are the same as well, they also have some differences. Before deciding which griller to bring home, see which model will fit you application the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Grilling Food is Better
  • Which Griller to Purchase
  • What are Weber Q2000 and Q1000
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  • What else Weber Q2000 and Q1000
  • Do Weber Q2000 and Q1000 Easy to Clean
  • Weber Q2000 Vs Q1000

Grilled Foods

There is a different experience of cooking at home compared to eating out because not only it is healthier for the whole family since we know what we put on the dishes, they are highly customizable as well in case you have some health issue or specific diet that needed to be addressed. For example, when you are not eating food high in calories such as fried foods and those high in trans-fat which some people are avoiding due to the bad effects in the long term.

The healthiest foods usually those that made with as less as additional ingredients as possible including oils and among those many cooking method, grilling and baking meat or vegetables are thought to be two of the healthiest methods. We can cook both meat and vegetables with these methods but in comparison the grilling foods are more interesting in terms of presentation and taste due to the slight addition of burnt taste or the searing marks in the surface of your steak and fish.

The problem when cooking foods with grilling method is when they are lack of fat, especially tender meats will get stuck in your grilling surface. With foods high in fat, the heat from your griller will melt them and lowering the fat content while making the food tender as well as juicy. To prevent meat like chicken breast, steak, or fish from sticking and running their beautiful shape as well as taste, you may want to put lemon slice or vegetables between the grilling surface and the food.

Outdoor Griller Types

Another issue with grilling foods at home is the tool itself because as you may already know, depend on where one’s live, we may not be allowed to use the traditional and tasty charcoal grillers. While charcoal grillers are indeed the tastiest when it comes to heat and cook food slowly, they are not convenient and hard to light up as well as take care of.  If your state doesn’t allow the usage of charcoal grillers, we can use the cleaner electric griller.

Not only can be used inside the house and allowed in many places, electric grills like Weber Q140 and Q1400are more affordable and portable enough to be kept compact or won’t take much space in your kitchen top. However, if you plan to cook for more people, using a gas griller will be more beneficial because they are mostly bigger and can be relied on even if you are feeding several people at once. Some states also allows them to be used outside but for sure check the rule in your place first.

About Weber Q2000 and Q1000

If you also want to have a griller and cook grilled food at home, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer because as the appliance used by many people, we do have a huge collections out there and while it can be confusing, it is still best to choose based on what you need from the unit. For those who want to shop quickly or don’t have much time to spare, in our opinion it is better to get those from popular brands.

This is because companies with huge customers are usually trusted and offer high quality items as well. Among those many kitchen or cooking appliance brands that sell griller, we are sure most people will be familiar with Weber as well because they are the synonym of griller and always have interesting models in the catalogue; one of them is the Q line or the compact version of their full sized griller like the Weber S120 Vs E120 which is more suitable for larger parties.

This collection has several great models that you may want to check out and for those who specifically looking for griller that works with propane gas, the Q2000 and Q1000 are two nice ideal options to check out. As the name suggests they are a close brothers and it is not surprising to see many similarities between the two but it is also implied that the former is a higher unit. It is indeed more expensive and giving more features to ease the users.

Overall Weber Q2000 and Q1000 are ideal for any family who want to serve grilled food for the whole members and depend on how you cook or place it, we can fit a whole chicken as well in any of these models despite not being recommended. In our opinion they are amazing when cooking steak or chicken in pieces so we can fit more including the side dishes like potato or vegetable skewers together. 

Weber Q2000 and Q1000 Design

Both of these grills are wearing the same design and while it can’t be distinguished from the picture alone, in fact they are not the same at all because the Q2000 is overall bigger and heavier than the little brother Q1000 so in general the former can take more ingredients in one cooking as well. The fashion choices are the same between almost each model in the whole family with broken white lid and matte black main body while the material is claimed to be cast aluminum.

Each grillers have the main frame to hold the body and the size are also adjusted to the size of our model. On the frame there is similarly red button to ignite the griller and located on the right we can see the burner control knob to adjust the heat of your griller. Overall they are operated the same and all of the crucial featured in Q1000 are also available on the higher model but with some convenient and wider space to cook food.

Weber Q2000 and Q1000 Cooking Surface

When looking for a griller, you may want to see how they will perform or how many foods can be cooked at once but as it has been mentioned above, Weber Q2000 is more capable in this side since not only it has a wider cooking surface measuring approximately at 280 square-inch of total area, the latter is only featured with around 189 square-inch so we can feed more people faster with the big brother for when you need to make a big meal for a part or similar events.

Bigger griller also needs bigger heat as well and this is why it uses 12000 BTU per hour compared to 8900 BTU which means it will also consume more tubes of propane gas in your inventory. Another thing you may want to know about these grillers capabilities to cook food is probably the material because not all materials are naturally fast to heat up and retain heat longer. Weber Q2000 and Q1000 are featured with porcelain-enameled cast iron which is also used in many Weber grills including the full size.

This material is claimed to combine the pros of cast iron and porcelain because they will be heated faster but won’t need seasoning like the cast iron type so we can get the fast heat transfer and retaining but also with more convenience.

Weber Q2000 and Q1000 Feature

On the additional feature part, none of these grillers are coming with fancy features like a tool hanging panel or even a room below the housing to keep your grilling equipment together at the same place as well as wheel to move them around. However, we do have a side panel in Weber Q2000 that you can check on the sample picture above which you can use to put or prepare foods and when not in use, it can be folded and stowed away.

Cleaning Weber Q2000 and Q1000

As far as taking care of any griller, Weber is probably among the best because we virtually left with almost nothing to do. These models are very easy to clean because you can use soap to wash the cooking surface or just wipe the griller with a cloth to remove the dirt after cooking. Like many other models from the brand, those who cooks meat that tends to drip the liquid while being grilled, there is a place to put your disposal tray which is used to catch all of those messes.


Weber Q2000 and Q1000 are the same in their core because the one that separates the most is the only fact that Q2000 is bigger, heavier, has more surface to cook food as well as has a two side panel to put or prepare food before being put into the cooking surface. Due to the size difference Q1000 will also spend less energy to cook compared to the big brother so the same propane gas can may last longer in this model as well.

Weber Q2000 vs Q1000

- Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
- Fully assembled out of box. :Dimensions - Lid Closed and Tables Out (inches): 14.5H x 51.4W x 19.5D
- Push-button ignition and infinite control burner valve settings
- Uses disposable 14.1 or 16.4 oz. LP cylinder (sold separately). Grill must be preheated with burner on high for 10 to 15 minutes


We are sure at this point you can pick one model to bring home because their difference is pretty crucial and those with more people should pick those bigger model like Q2000 while the opposite can save more by going with Q1000.

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