Weber Q1400 vs Q2400

Are you one of people that often live in a different place? Or did you regularly moving around from one place to another? If yes, you will need a portable cooker. There are many kind and type of portable cooker that we can use at home or outdoor when we are doing picnic.

One of the most popular and advantage portable cooker is the Grill machine. Beside it is a really great home appliance, this thing will also help us to grill something when doing barbecue party at home or wherever we want.

As it says as portable, it means that these tools will easy to bring and you may put it on your car without worrying if your other stuff won’t load on your car. It is because the size is not that big and won’t make the space full just for this tool.

Again, it is a popular stuff that many people may want to have one at home. That is why there also many brands that produce this kind of portable cookers. And you will be confused to decide which one is the right product for you. 

To get the best product, you sure should consider your needs, and then you need to understand the specification and the features of each product. So, in this article we will compare between two products that get great review from the users. There are Weber Q1400 and Weber Q2400. Both products are coming from the same company, so let’s start the comparison!

Weber Q1400

Maybe, Weber is well known as most popular brand that produces the portable grill machine. And one of the popular products from Weber is the Weber Q1400. The design is different with the other type like Q200 or Q2000.

Even it has different design, but this product is also a good product. The lid is great and it will give you a great experience while you need to bring this around because it has quite smaller size differs from the Weber Q200 and Weber Q2000. Find out: Weber Q2000 vs Weber Q2200.

But this machine is also a great machine that you will easily clean this. You don’t need to worry about how to clean the sticky thing that may stick after you cook or grilling something. The aluminum coated will also make you s convenience while using it or even cleaning the part of this portable cooker.

What make this tool more interesting is that this type is electric, so you just need the electricity source and it is way easier that the other that using the propane fuel or even the griddle which you have to find woods to make the griddle on.

But first, here are the features and specification of the Weber Q1400:

  • You need electricity that will work for the wattage 1560 Watts
  • Total cooking area size 189 square inches, that means quite large
  • Fuel – electricity, so you don’t need to find woods or propane gas.

So, from the specification and features of the Weber Q1400 we can know that this electric grill machine will be a great tool to have. And before moving to the next product, here are some pros and cons about this product:


  • It can grill an assortment of dishes
  • There are just a couple of parts that you need to assemble and you can do this inside 20 to 30 minutes since its simple.
  • These materials are sturdy and simple to keep up which means the apparatus will be in great condition for quite a while regardless of whether it is utilized each day.
  • It is anything but difficult to clean
  • You can depend on Weber Q1400 to give you incredible and reliable cooking results.
  • You can convey it outside or to various occasions and use it gave there is a spot you can connect it. Its weight is 30lbs.
  • The cooking hardware has colossal warmth maintenance capacity which is conceivable because of the manner in which it’s structured.
  • With this apparatus, you needn’t bother with charcoal or gas and no arrangements vital. You should simply connect the gadget and that is it.


  • Not very large of cooking space
  • It is expensive for certain individuals
  • It takes long to preheat
  • The Weber 1400 grill does not have a temperature measure

Weber Q2400

So, now let’s move to the next product, the Weber Q2400 that is really getting its popularity. May people love this grill and say that it’s the real grill that will give you the most result of your cook. So, what make them say so? Here are the specification and features of this product:

  • 1560-watt electric warming component to warm 280 square-inch complete cooking region
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking meshes and cast aluminum top and body
  • .Measurements (Inches) Lid Open : ( H x W x D) – 26 x 31.5 x 25.1(Inches); :Dimensions – Lid Closed (inches) 14.5 H x 31.5 W x 19.5 D
  • Completely gathered out of box, Infinite control burner valve settings, Fuel type-Electric. Power-1,560 W/120 V
  • 6-foot grounded string. The apparatus ought to be provided through a lingering current gadget (RCD) having an evaluated leftover working current not surpassing 30 mA

As you see the specification, this type should be a great product with high durability. It is also have a large cooking space that will allow you to cook many things. Next, here are some pros and cons about this product:


  • The cooking zone in the grill is large enough.
  • The Weber Q 2400 grill is extremely simple to clean because of the way that it is made of prevalent materials and a decent wrapping up.
  • It is unquestionably not going to take a lot of the space.
  • The structure has been intentionally kept basic.
  • Guarantee for a time of five years is given to the aluminum castings, top get together and hardened steel burners.


  • The nearness of inherent thermometer would have been progressively advantageous, particularly on account of electric grills.
  • Adding more length to the power line would have been something more. As per the organization, additional lines ought not to be utilized as it would offer ascent to electrical flames.
  • The expense of the grill is marginally higher than different brands.

Weber Q1400 vs Q2400

- 1560-watt electric heating element to heat 189 square-inch total cooking area
- Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
- Fully assembled out of box
- Dimensions (Inches) Lid Open : ( H x W x D) - 26 x 31.5 x 25.1(Inches); :Dimensions - Lid Closed (inches) 14.5 H x 31.5 W x 19.5 D
- Fully assembled out of box, Infinite control burner valve settings. Fuel type-Electric. Power-1,560 W/120 V
- 6-foot grounded cord. The appliance should be supplied through a residual current device (RCD) having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30 mA

Finally, in conclusion we can say that both products are a great product for everyone that loves to grill. If you looking for electric grill machine with great durability, you may choose one of them. Even both products is little pricey for some people but it is worth. So, just think it carefully and just look at your budget.

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