Weber Q140 vs Q1400

Everybody loves grilled food whether it is meat or vegetables and almost all of us always look forward to barbeque party but, not all of us will have the space to put a full size griller in the backyard. However, worry not because we do have lots of compact grillers like Weber Q140 Vs Q1400 to let you enjoy the food without the hassle and wide space. For those who wonder which model fits their house the most, see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Choosing Electric Grill
  • What to Look at Electric Grill
  • What are Weber Q140 and Q1400
  • What Weber Q140 and Q1400 Look like
  • How are the Temperature Gauge in Weber Q140 and Q1400
  • What Weber Q140 and Q1400 are Powered with
  • How to Clean Weber Q140 and Q1400
  • Weber Q140 Vs Q1400

Electric Griller Benefit 

Humans, animals, and other living beings need food to survive and especially us with developed brain we do have lots of methods to prepare the food according to one’s taste or preference. Since food is very important, all of us should at least learn how to make some simple dishes at home whether it is preparing from scratch or using the ready-made version that we can get on grocery stores. However, this preparation process sometimes can be complicated and time consuming, which is why we love instant foods.

Among those many of food preparation like boiling, frying, and grilling, the latter is the most versatile methods especially when dealing with meats and thick vegetables because besides they don’t use oils which is avoided by many people for different reasons, the taste of grilled food is also deemed as one of the best. In the beginning we used charcoal to heat and grilled food, but as our society moves to a more convenient method, we have the gas heated and then electric heated griller.

We are sure that almost everybody agrees that charcoal produce the best, authentic taste of grilled foods especially meat but they have various cons and one being not allowed to be used in a park or even in your home in some places. The safest bet for those who love grilled products is electric grill because they are generally safer, doesn’t produce flame, and can even be used in your balcony for most are very compact; similar to the size of panini grill or waffle maker.

Shopping for Electric Griller

Electric grill is indeed versatile and it allows the user to cook various types of meal, mostly meat or hard vegetable at home, neatly and with less waste. However, it is still important to check their specifications or features so then we can make sure that the unit will work as we want them to be, especially if you have some specific demands. One of the most crucial features to have is temperature gauge which can signify the temperature range like warm or medium.

In some models this temperature gauge can even set the griller to an exact temperature that will be ideal if you are cooking from frozen meat so we can get the most ideal heat to cook them faster. Second is the power, whether it is mainly from wall power or it has battery that we can use portably such as when camping or outside the house. Last but not least is how easy it is to take care of the unit since those with removable plates or dedicated grease channel will be much easier to clean or wash.

About Weber Q140 and Q1400

If you already write down what needs to be available in the griller, now is the perfect time to see what the market has to offer for we do have lots of them out there and it may take some time before we can bring home the best choice both for your needs and budget limit. In general all of them will be able to cook your foods but not all will perform as good with useful features or good material to make sure they can last long.

When talking about kitchen or cooking appliance, it is hard not to mention Weber because they are one of the biggest players in the market and we do love them due to the reliable products yet the price range is competitive with those in the upper market. They also have quite the options to look at thus, all of us can get the best model but, some of them can be confusing after being upgraded for many still use similar naming. See also: Weber Q3200 vs E210.

The previously popular electric griller from the company is Q140 and this model has been around for a while today so like many other companies, Weber continuously renewed their products and the older griller has now become the Q1400 so overall these two are the same model with different naming and different manufacturing date. In short what you can find on the older griller will also be available in the newer version as well but with slight different especially in material quality and fashion choice.

Weber Q140 and Q1400 are very ideal for anyone who loves grilled food but don’t have enough space to fit a full size griller in their backyard and mostly going to use the griller to sear meat, sausage, buns, or making skewered barbeque. They are not very suitable for searing vegetables because the grilling surface is grates and have spaces so seasoning and stirring especially those in tinier cuts can be an issue. 

Weber Q140 and Q1400 Design

Similar to many other electric grillers, both of them are using the same design and the newer model is also still made to look like a dome with a cover on top and bowl grilling compartment. They have plastic handles on each side to move the unit around and the weight of these grillers are equally almost 29.5 pounds when fully assembled. What sets them apart from each other the most is the cover because in Weber Q1400 is coming in dark grey color while the older is silver, contrast to its main body.

However, they are similarly made from cast aluminum both on the main griller body as well as the cover or lid. As for the dimension, they will require approximately 14.5-inch tall, 16.5-inch deep, and 27-inch wide area to place but more to operate. The porcelain-enameled cooking area is pretty wide and claimed to be able to fit around 6 burger patties but the exact size is 16.8 by 12-5-inch so it is indeed possible to put that many regular patties at once.

Weber Q140 and Q1400 Temperature Gauge

As it has been mentioned above, one of the most important things to look at when shopping for a griller is the temperature gauge because we need to adjust the heat level according to the type of food or meat we are currently grilling. In this side, both Weber Q140 and Q1400 are the same and we can access this gauge at the right side which is directly connected to the power cord. It is a rotating knob and to increase the heat we have to turn it facing the user.

This knob is also used to turn the griller on or off and it is always recommended to preheat the griller to reach certain temperature first before being used. For example, to cook meat, turn the knob to High setting, clockwise and put the lid down then wait for about 20 minutes to let it reach about 72-degree Fahrenheit. For lower heat we can choose Medium or Low depending on what you are cooking but the time stated above is a working in regular temperature so winter or windy season may need more time to reach the heat level.

Weber Q140 and Q1400 Power

The next thing we want to mention is the power source because Weber Q140 and Q1400 need to be connected to your wall power to work and there is no option to use them wirelessly or with battery despite being electrically powered, probably because we will need a huge battery to properly cook with them since these grillers takes quite the time to heat up. The cord is about 6 foot for grilling in your patio or balcony while the power is 120 Volts. 

Weber Q140 and Q1400 Care

The last but not least is how easy it is to take care of these electric grillers and in our opinion, both of them are among the easiest because the porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates are removable so we can just soak it with water and wash it with dish soap. There is a drip tray below to catch the liquid from your foods which makes things easier and to clean the rest surface Weber recommended to wipe them clean without putting foil on the lining reflective liner or drip pan.


Weber Q140 and Q1400 are a very useful and reliable electric grilling appliance to use if your city doesn’t allow the usage of charcoal or propane grill since they are generally safer but we also love them due to the ease of use. Overall there is no substantial difference between these models except for the different fashion used to finish the cover or lid for all the features remains the same.

Weber Q140 vs Q1400

- 1560-watt electric heating element to heat 189 square-inch total cooking area
- Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
- Fully assembled out of box
Infinite control burner valve settings
- 1560-watt electric heating element to heat 189 square-inch total cooking area
- Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
- Fully assembled out of box
- Infinite control burner valve settings


All in all there is no bad options between the two and they are equally convenient to be used with two or more people having a small party in the house. But, the older griller is already hard to find and we do prefer the appearance of new Weber Q1400 with the same features, ease of use, and still very affordable.

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