Weber Original Kettle 22 vs Premium

Charcoal grills use either charcoal briquettes or natural lump charcoal as their fuel source. When burned, the charcoal will transform into embers radiating the heat necessary to cook food. There are many different charcoal grill configurations.

Grills can be square, round or rectangular; some have lids while others do not and they may or may not have a venting system for heat control. Weber is a brand that offers different types of grills. In this article we are going to see two types which are the Original Kettle 22 and the Premium Kettle 22.

Original Kettle 22

This grill is about 22 inch long, 25 inches wide and 38.5 inches high. It has a porcelain enameled bowl which has a steel finish making it resistant to rust, wear and tear over years of use. The lid contains glass reinforced nylon handles which are sturdy and durable.

The nylon handles are heat and wear resistant and has an excellent hear deflection temperature. Lifting the lid is not an issue to intermittently check the cooking of the protein under the cloche. The Weber Original Kettle 22 gives a peak temperature of about 1500 F.

There are some notable features of this grill. First one is it has about 363 square inch of large cooking space on the kettle grill. Next a 22 inch in diameter steel cooking grate placed in a porcelain bowl covered by a lid. See also: Weber Q200 vs Q2000.

The next features are vents which are resistant to rust and an aluminum ash catcher that ensures a flawless cleaning system. The last one is the weather resistant wheels held firmly by three aluminum stands which makes the grill has a great portability.

This Charcoal grill has some of the best time tested features that gives a completely flavored and slow cooked food but also a safe and hassle free cooking. The grill is designed to resist burn and rust through the slow cooking. The shape of the bowl ensures a smooth and a slow circulation of heart within the grill resulting in even cooking of the protein.

There is an interesting feature known as the damper in this grill. The damper is made of rust resistant aluminum and kind of resembles the steering wheel of a car. It controls the intensity of the heat without the need for the lid to be lifted.

Adjusting the damper adds flexibility in heating the grill as per the cooking temperatures preset for the protein. The amount of oxygen infused can be regulated with precision on how long enough the food needs to be cooked or how high a protein needs to be seared, all this can be done by adjusting the damper.

The Weber Original Kettle 22 contains a cooking grate that is made of heavy duty plated steel and has hinges on either side. These hinges make it easier for the fuel access with no requirement of lifting the whole grate off the grill. The cooking grate is built to withstand the intense heat emanating from the charcoal fire. The charcoal grates will give the flexibility to cook with a direct or an indirect setup.

Three blades are provided underneath the Weber Original Kettle grill. On the rotating handle of the bowl, the blades begin to move, churning the ash out through the ash resistant vents, into the ash catcher.

Complete safety while using this grill is ensured by no clogging of ash in the vents which is ensured by the vents with the blades. The vents that allow ash to fall on the tray are also pathways for fresh oxygen to enter from beneath, thereby fueling the fire and keeping the temperature regulated on the grill.

Premium Kettle 22

The Premium Kettle has the same size of cooking space as the Original one. The grill’s plated steel cooking grate is hinged to allow easy access to the coals. In this type there is a built in thermometer that can be found on top of the lid.

A convenient angled lid hook is available which allows the lid to hang on the side of the grill rather than being placed on the ground.

The Premium model comes equipped with the One-Touch cleaning system with an enclosed ash catcher. This is an upgrade from the Original since it has an open tray so the ash can blow around everywhere while cooking.

The enclosed ash catcher can hold quite a lot of ashes and is easy to remove and reattach with the spring loaded handle. The Premium comes in other colors such as copper, crimson or green.

The hinged cooking grate, lid thermometer, an enclosed ashtray and the range of colors are the few extra features that make the Premium different from the Original. Other than that the rest of the features for both of this charcoal grill are all the same.

Weber Original Kettle 22 vs Premium

- Use the lid hook to avoid placing the lid on the ground while grilling
- Dampers allow you to easily control the temperature inside your grill
- Durable plated steel cooking grate retains heat and is easy to clean
- Holds up to 13 burgers made with a Weber burger press; Built-in lid thermometer
- One-Touch cleaning system with high-capacity ash catcher provides hassle-free ash cleanup
- Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl retain heat, and won’t rust or peel


Both of these charcoal grills offers the same quality. From the size to the material that both of these grills are made of is all the same. Only the extra features on the Premium Kettle 22 make this grill have a better quality. This time it comes down to a tie, it is up to you which type of grill that fits you the most. Whether it is the simple Original Kettle or the slight upgrade with the Premium Kettle.

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