Prestige 500 Vs Prestige Pro 500

Napoleon is one of the best selling grills you can find at the market. The brand has been brilliantly famous for its variety in products that offer useful features and convenience in cooking experience. Most of them also come at an affordable price, making the high-end grills more reachable for most people.

As you might know already, Napoleon has been around for a very long time. The company was started in Ontario, Canada by none other than Wolfgang Schroeter back in 1976. Grills weren’t their very first items. Instead of making smoking grills, they were mainly focusing on making steel railings and wood fireplaces.

Long history brought them to their today’s image, a renowned large company in the grills industry. In fact, it’s actually one of the biggest in North America.

They have produced a lot of grills, but there are always the most favorite and popular ones. The two of them are the Prestige 500 and Prestige Pro 500, basically the “Pro” version of what was previously mentioned. Closer look is needed to see and understand the differences between the two, since they are not quite apparent at first.

Prestige 500

One word to say for Prestige 500 is gigantic. In terms of size, it could overcome many other competitors on the same level of price. Offering 500 square inches cooking capacity, it’s not too strange to find that it can actually cook about 31 burger patties all at the same time. It even comes with good temperature adjustments. Reaching the desired results wouldn’t be so hard anymore.

Cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated cast iron, making sure to bring up temperature quickly, while preventing the foods from sticking. The firm build quality promises a longer time of usage, so you can depend on just one grill for many years. Grill lines are made tight with the special “wave lines”, a specialty of Napoleon grills. This will give a unique texture to your foods, while preventing smaller foods from falling off the grill.

 Prestige 500Prestige Pro 500
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions26.5 x 66.25 x 50.25 inches25.5 x 66.5 x 51.75 inches
Shipping Weight196.6 pounds254 pounds

Outer body is made of stainless steel for premium looking, while also maintaining the heat. That does add the word “Premium” on it, making the Prestige 500 somewhat classical. However, strong build quality is not the only thing that Napoleon promised. You can expect greater value from Prestige 500 by seeing what it can do.

One feature that’s considered a diamond value of a Prestige 500 is the Instant JetFire Ignition System. As the name implies, this feature will accommodate faster ignition time to make everything instant. Eliminating the ignition problems that always occur on many pellet grills.

Next one on the line is dual-level stainless steel sear plates. These work as protectors against flare-ups and other potential burnings while also making the heat distributed evenly across the grill.

Higher price is paid for a built-in thermostat which displays loud and clear information about the heat. Information displayed is pretty detailed and straight forward.

Looking at how the performance of Prestige 500 reflects via its useful features, it seems like the grill is a great product to buy. The question still remains, how is it gonna be when it compared to its Pro version?

Prestige Pro 500

Compared to its original version, Prestige Pro 500 doesn’t actually have that much difference in physical look. It still uses the same stainless steel design with a rounded metal hood. This grill is included as premium stainless steel grills that are expected to provide greater value.

The stainless steel material that is used in this grill offers a long life time with also an easiness in cleaning it. Compared to the other cheaper grills, this one is much easier to clean. The grill itself is using the same mechanical as the other grills. By using the four rolling caster wheels, you can easily move it from place to place. It comes with a locking mechanism to prevent it from sliding.

What’s interesting is that the interior side of Prestige Pro 500 has integrated shelving that also includes interior lighting for night cooking. Other things, like a cutting board, space for towels, even spots for holding condiments are also present.

The traditional six knob control system is still used, bur with another addition. Now the knobs and letters will illuminate in the dark. An interesting feature indeed, but do you really need it?

Seeing the features above, it’s not a weird thing to say that illumination is one glamorous feature of this grill. The existence of interior lights making it easy to cook under the moon. During the night time, aside from making the grill look fancy, this feature comes in handy.

Napoleon also added another useful feature via addition of Accu Probe, a device that can help you to understand the inner temperature of your foods. Jetfire ignition system still applied on the Pro version, so you can rely on the quick start for each cooking session.

Last thing we want to point out is the inclusion of stainless steel grilling plates. These heat up quickly and by given a flat surface, the excess liquid can be cleaned out easily. All these premium features can be found within such a reachable price.

Warranty is like cherry on top. Some are good, and some are negligible It always depends on what they can offer to us as customers. Napoleon once again put up greater value by offering lifetime warranty for the lid, lid insert, steel base, aluminum castings, and even the cooking grids.

Stainless steel tube burners are guaranteed for ten years, and add another five years warranty for the stainless steel sear plates. Other parts of the grill are warrantied for five years, while the burner is three years. Read also: Traeger Lil Tex Elite Vs Pro 22.

Prestige 500 Vs Prestige Pro 500

- 4 Stainless Steel main burners that produce 48, 000 BTU-per-hour input along with Stainless Steel sear plates that provide even heat with their layered positioning and intense flavor for creating Unforgettable meals
- Invite all your friends and family over with 500 square inches of main cooking space, enough to cook 31 burgers at once! Take advantage of the extra 260 Square inches of cooking space offered by the warming rack and 140 square inches on your side burner
- Forget the matches, a quick start up you can count on every time with the flame throwing JETFIRE ignition system on each main burner. As an added back up feature the Napoleon prestige 500 offers a back channel between burners to allow them to light off each other. Never worry about your grill not lighting Ever again You will be up and grilling The first time every time
- Cook a steak house quality steak every time with the infrared sizzle Zone side burner that heats up to 1800 degrees in 30 seconds
- 80, 000 BTU's, 4 Stainless Steel main burners, 900 in² total cooking area
- Dimensions: 66.50" W x 25.50" D x 51.75" H (Lid Closed) | Cooking Area: 17.75 x 28 in
- Led Spectrum night light control knobs and safety feature
- Lift ease roll top lid. double doors for storage and easy roll locking casters


These two grills are always top selling because the high-end features are combined with affordable prices. Size is just enough for people who live in larger families, around ten family members. With around $2000, The Pro 500 would be a great thing to buy. Offering so much more in quality, but also protected with 15 long years of warranty. With this, you can expect to stay with one versatile grill for so many years.

However, not everything is perfect and so does the Pro 500. Even though the grill has some stainless steel materials in it, not all of it is stainless steel. There are many parts of the grill that are made from aluminium and porcelain enameled steel materials that always require deep clean and careful maintenance so they could last for a longer life time.

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