Pit Boss Grill vs Green Mountain 

Barbeque at the weekend is almost an option for many families. Especially for those living in western countries which this event is a suitable moment to gather all the family in. That is why every year many brands trying to improve the technology of grill equipment, such as if we look at Pit Boss Grill VS Green Mountain. The innovation keeps increasing year by year to make sure that the consumer feels happy using their products. However, selecting the best product will be necessary to make. Since you wouldn’t bother to invest in two products at the same time. For those whose looking at some inspiration on which series is the best product, the following information will brief you about Pit Boss Grill VS Green Mountain in general.

Brand Overview

Before looking at the specific features, introducing the parent brand of each product will be an additional advantage. This information will help to introduce which product to consider more expert on technology and innovations. Starting from Pit Boss Grill that has been in the market since 1999.

This brand is a subsidiary of Dansons, Inc. The product started from a portable grill and until today is stated as one of the best outdoor grill products in the US and Canada market. Read also: Napoleon TravelQ vs Weber Q.

The next brand is Green Mountain Grills that started its product from grill equipment using wood pellets with brick and mortar. This brand is based on California and until today develop various technology and innovations in launching their products. For more specific information and features, check the following paragraphs below.

 Pit Boss Grill Green Mountain 
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions24.8 x 22.05 x 43.11 inches
28.3 x 25.1 x 3.4 inches
Shipping Weight117.9 pounds
7 pounds

Specific Features

Now let’s come to the explanation of the specific features of each product. Starting from Pit Boss Grill that mentions on its official webpage that the grill consists of various types. Each type considers various kinds of fuel, such as charcoal, gas, and also wood pellet. The products which using wood pellet consists of several series. However, the most similar products with the competitor brand, Green Mountain Grills, claim the following lists of features.

  • Completed with dial-in digital control with LED readout.
  • Provide cooking area up to 1021 sq.in and hopper capacity reach up to 30lbs.
  • Grill temperature range starting from 180degF up to 500degF, a perfect temperature for fasten grill time.
  • Launched with eight in one versatility such as to grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, barbecue, char-grill, and sear.
  • Included with two pit boss meat probes.
  • The overall weight of the product reaches up to 181 pounds.

While if you prefer to select Green Mountain, then this brand will able to give you an almost similar product but with several different features. There are more limited series provided in this brand. Most of them completed with specific features as listed below:

  • Provided with GMG digital controller for easy control from your smartphone and android.
  • Provide dual meat probes and a USB port.
  • The total weight of the products reaches up to 208lbs.
  • Provide cooking area up to 658 sq.in and hopper capacity reach up to 18lbs.
  • Provided with gauge steel grease tray, lid, body, and igniter.
  • Includes auger system technology that provides variable speed fan and RPM for efficient oxygen.
  • Provided a thermal sensor to monitor the ambient temperature.

Strength and Weakness

In the end, comparing the specifications and features of each product will end up selecting the most suitable product to buy. Such as when comparing Pit Boss Grill VS Green Mountain. Overall, the products consist of the following strength and weaknesses to consider.

  • Pit Boss Grill provides more surface cooking area rather than Green Mountain Grills. It provides more hopper capacity too. Therefore, it will able to provide longer grilling time with more serving quantities.
  • Green Mountain Grills brings more innovation and technology, since this product compatible with the smartphone and easy to control with their digital features. While Pit Boss Grill is an overall manual product at all. Therefore, those who prefer new technology will suit with Green Mountain Grills rather than Pit Boss Grill.


The next thing that people might want to consider is the total price of each product. This is important to make sure that people buying a good product suits with their budget. That is why it will be necessary to understand the price information. First, is Pit Boss Grill, that according to the official webpage, you will able to get one of its product starting from as low as $300 up to $700. Depends on the types, series, and overall capacity. While the Green Mountain products will be able to buy starting from a price of $800 up to $1000. Therefore, between Pit Boss Grill and Green Mountain Grill, the latest brand is the more expensive one.

Pit Boss Grill vs Green Mountain 

- 700 sq. in. total cooking surface.
- Porcelain coated cast iron grids.
- Digitally controlled burn system.
- Fueled by 100% natural wood pellets.
- Save 50% on Pellet Use
- Maintain Desired Temperatures with Fewer Pellets
- Includes Built-In Magnets and - Mounting Holes
- Grill Sold Seperate


The above information is suitable to bring enough overview of which product is more suitable to choose from. If looking at the price, then Green Mountain Grills offer a more expensive product to buy. However, it is in line with the available series in Green Mountain Grills that most of it are based on digital monitoring and compatible with a smartphone.

While Pit Boss Grill offers a manual product in performing it. On the other hand, if you wish to have a bigger cooking area then Pit Boss Grill will be your suitable selection. Since it offers up to 1021 sq.in cooking area and up to 30lbs hopper capacity. While those who selecting Green Mountain Grills shall be happy with less capacity for both, cooking and the hopper.

In the end, selecting Pit Boss Grill VS Green Mountain will depend on each person’s needs. In terms of price, Green Mountain Grills is more expensive due to its innovation of digital technology. But if a manual product is not a matter, then Pit Boss Grill offers a cheaper product with more capacity for cooking.

So, the choice is in your hand. It is recommended if you are millennial persons who hate manual, then spare more money for more technology by selecting Green Mountain Grills. Otherwise, be happy with selecting the manual one with less price to pay for.

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