Napoleon TravelQ vs Weber Q

If you asking the best grill tools to the grill lover, they will be considering you with the two famous brands from Napoleon and Weber. These grill tools can make your food grilled perfectly in a portable way. So that makes it easier to take them everywhere.

This time we have Napoleon TravelQ and Weber Q series as the most wanted portable grill in the market. Both of them have a great feature that will give you the best experience to grill. Let’s take a deeper look into them so we can decide which one has the best feature.

Napoleon TravelQ

Napoleon TravelQ is the type of portable gas grill that will bring you into a different experience while grilling your favorite food. It comes with a freestanding model in a scissor model. It is very simple to bring everywhere with the caster wheel built on the bottom of its leg. Read also: Blackstone 1554 vs 1565.

Napoleon TravelQ is perfect for traveler grill so you can bring it to your favorite campsite. There is a two-burner size to keep your food warm while you grill another food. This is perfect to accompany your travel and you still keep as much food as you want on it.

Napoleon TravelQ offers a trade-off system that will make the performance of your grill greater than anyone. It keeps warm the food on the other side, so you have less worry about burning food. The stainless steel that coating the surfaces of it makes the food inside keep warm.

 Napoleon TravelQ Weber Q
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions22.25 x 23 x 12.5 inches
20.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 inches
Shipping Weight30 pounds
30 pounds

Napoleon TravelQ comes with the two 6,000 BTU stainless steel burners which can help the grill to reach the maximum heat into the 12,000 BTU. These features are perfect for the grill so that you will have less worry about your meat. It will cook perfectly into the best taste you can have it.

The surface of Napoleon TravelQ comes within 285 sq inches of porcelain that coated by cast iron. This cooking area is wide enough to grill your camp food the whole night. The handles come with the enameled stamped plastic. It also comes with a hood-mounted temperature gauge to set the temperature while grilling.

For the grill size, Napoleon TravelQ comes with an appropriate heat. It will be dispersed around the surface with the perfect distribution of heat. There will be one spot on the surface to get hotter than any other spot. That is why this portable grill is perfect to use during your camp night.

The wind resistance from Napoleon TravelQ performance is functions just fine. There will no terrible matter while the wind comes through your grill. Your food still can cook perfectly with great taste. You don’t need to maximize the flame power since it still covers whether the wind coming or not.

The dimension of Napoleon TravelQ comes in the light weightier way so that makes it easier to bring. It is only about 44.25 x 20.5 x 37.25 inches and 50 pounds of weight. It comes with the aluminum material and propane power source to make a great flame. Completes by these great features, this grill cost at a reasonable price starts from US$349 on Amazon.

Weber Q

Weber Q is the type of portable grill that has a very simple design. The tabletop design makes it perfect for your home cooking or even for camp. It gives you the best experience of cooking with this little grill things. But, still, you can bring it everywhere since it is very portable to use.

The output power comes from the Weber Q is about 8,500 BTU. It heats faster than you think and cook perfectly into whatever your favorite foods. It makes your grill fun and simple. Once you push the start button ignition, the heat will spread around the grill surface. You will have not to wait any longer to get the heat spread.

The Weber Q has a controlled temperature which you can set them into your suitable heat. It comes from the low, medium, and high temperatures so that you can choose the set up to your variant food. The grease trap is large enough so you don’t need to worry about the disposable things.

The regulator positions on the Weber Q is right underneath on the handle. You can simply grab it or trunk it then put it on the bench of your camp or picnic area. The material comes from the aluminum lid and body. There will be no rusting or flexing and it also comes with glass-reinforced nylon frame.

The dimension of Weber Q comes in a light weighter size with about 25.10 x 51.4 x 26 inches and 42.5 pounds of weight. It has a propane power source with the aluminum material coated on its. This portable grill comes in a reasonable price starts from US$179 on Amazon.

Napoleon TravelQ vs Weber Q

- The TravelQ has a single stainless steel circular tube burner, 10,500 BTU's, and 225 square inches of total grilling area capable of grilling up to 14 hamburgers at once
- Napoleon’s iconic cast iron cooking grids provide even heat, prevent food from falling through, and create beautifully distinctive sear marks
- Perfect for camping, tailgating, parties, and small outdoor living spaces
- Whether you are travelling, tailgating, or barbecueing in the backyard, the windproof design prevents the weather from hindering the preparation of your next meal
- One stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU-per-hour to heat 189 square-inch total cooking area
- Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
- Fully assembled out of box
- Easy-start electronic ignition and infinite control burner valve settings

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump into the conclusion that the Napoleon TravelQ has a better feature than Weber Q. Comes with a simple design and caster wheels right at the bottom of its leg, make it easier to transport. Besides, the portability from Weber Q has an awkward grip and regulator position. So that makes it difficult to carry everywhere.

Napoleon TravelQ has the highest control heat in normal use than Weber Q. As value for the grill experience, it has a consistency of heat during the grill from the lowest heat up to the highest temperature. It still is stable to use without making your food gets burnt. But, Weber Q has no control heat features so that makes Napoleon TravelQ better.

The output power from Napoleon TravelQ can reach up to 12,000 BTU with 6,000 BTU from each side of the burner. On the other hand, Weber Q only has about 8,500 BTU for maximum heat. This means Napoleon TravelQ has better features that will grill your meat perfectly quicker and faster than Weber Q.

The dimension from Weber Q is heavier than Napoleon TravelQ, which makes it so hard to carry. Besides, Weber Q has no lid latch and the grease trap is easer to fly away in the wind. But, Napoleon TravelQ has no issues about these matters.

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