Napoleon Prestige 500 vs Pro

Having your own grills appliance in your house can so amazing. You can cook so many kinds of food to grill or bake as you want every time you need. That is why you need to find the right grilling appliances for you. If you are confused to choose the best brands of grilling appliances, then Napoleon prestige can be your consideration.

The Napoleon company has assurable grills with its series that call as the Prestige 500 and Pro series. This time, we will bring you into these two series of Napoleon so that you can decide which one has the most suitable for you the most. Let’s check them out below!

Napoleon Prestige 500

Napoleon Prestige 500 is a kind of propane grill built specifically with infrared technology and rear burners. It coated with stainless steel so that it is safe to use and will get no harm to your daily cooking. Besides, the design is perfect for an outdoor kitchen to support your garden party.

Napoleon Prestige 500 comes with about four burners, one infrared rear burner, and one infrared side burner. Those features are perfect to heat the grill area quickly without the need so many times in waiting for it to heat. It will spread quickly to the seven staggered stainless steel sear plates that available there.

 Napoleon Prestige 500Napoleon Prestige Pro
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions26.25 x 64.25 x 50.25 inches26.25 x 66.5 x 51.75 inches
Shipping Weight190 pounds220 pounds

The sear plates on the Napoleon Prestige 500 comes in a larger size at about 500 square inches for the primary grilling area. Besides the second grill area also cover a quite big space so the total area of grilling is about 900 square inches. These are big enough to put about 30 burgers around the primary area and 8 burgers on the side area.

The good material on the Napoleon Prestige 500 comes with a pretty good stainless steel. It will last long to use with a shining and durable stainless steel with amazing durability of grill appliance. Moreover, on the primary and side cooking areas, the stainless steel is perfect to avoid any dripping of your food. Read also: Napoleon Prestige 500 Vs Weber Genesis.

Napoleon Prestige 500 offers stainless steel wave rod grid features that will make your food cook perfectly without burning them. You will get a real taste of the deliciousness from your grill consistently. It comes at about 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit so it is perfect for your grill.

Napoleon Prestige 500 comes in a light weightier size that not too bulky to watch. The size is perfect to bring anywhere you want to support your eating party. It has about 26.25 x 64.25 x 50.25 inches and 190 pounds of weight. This size is perfect for a propane grill which can bring you so many foods to cook.

The price of the Napoleon Prestige 500 comes at a reasonable rate in the market. On Amazon, it starts from US$1,038,  which is not so pricey to pick. All of these great functions on this grill appliance is worth to buy.

Napoleon Prestige Pro

Napoleon Prestige Pro is a series from the Napoleon Prestige 500 that comes with a brand new technology. It comes with better performance than the series before, which make your grilling time more valuable than before. It comes with a new design and style that looks adorable to put in your kitchen.

Napoleon Prestige Pro comes with a sleek design built with high-quality stainless steel material. From the bottom to the top already covered with it so that makes the body has a higher performance than other grilling appliances in the market. You will not get any regret while using these grill tools.

Napoleon Prestige Pro comes with the six burners preferences that you can choose to your favorite one. Besides, it contains about 304 stainless steel burners that make you can control the heat. These burners will help your grilling faster and easier than before. Besides, it comes with great durability from all over the side of the body.

Napoleon Prestige Pro offers an amazing heat system that capable to reach up to 1,800 Celcius degrees within seconds. That makes your grilling time more efficient with no time to waiting for the burner’s surface too long. The steak or any meals you made will finish within some seconds, so it is perfect to accompany your garden party.

Napoleon Prestige Pro comes with a total of 900 squares inches of cooking areas. The one areas consist of 500 squares inches cooking areas that perfect to cook about 31 burgers. That amount is perfect for your cooking day while you are having simple parties on your weekend with some friends.

Napoleon Prestige Pro comes with infrared sizzle zone technology. That makes your cooking well cooked no matter the kind of meat you grilled. Besides, it integrates with the stainless steel wave rood cooking grid that makes your cooking perfect than before. You will not get any burning food by using these appliances.

The dimension of the Napoleon Prestige Pro comes with a weight lighter size. It comes about 26.25 x 66.5 x 51.75 inches and 220 pounds of weight. It is a perfect size to bring into your garden to support your grilling party. Besides, the price also comes at a reasonable rate that starts from US$2,999 on Amazon.

Napoleon Prestige 500 vs Pro

- Stainless Steel WAVE Cooking Grids
- Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit included
- Soft Touch Control Knobs
- JETFIRE Ignition System
- Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit included
- EASY SET Control Knobs
- JETFIRE Ignition System
- Prestige All Season Cookbook and ACCU-PROBE Temperature Gage included

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Napoleon Prestige 500 is a better way to pick than Napoleon Prestige Pro. As it comes from the price, the Pro series comes too pricey at around US$2,000 but comes with almost the same features as the Prestige 500 series.

Moreover, Napoleon Prestige 500 is perfect enough to own for a whole family often to get the grilled meats of burgers. The cooking areas also perfect to support your family food without so much leftover from the food you cooked.

Besides, Napoleon Prestige 500 contains some options of the sear burner that makes you can adjust as you want. Meanwhile Napoleon Prestige Pro comes with a standard sear burner that monotone to use comparing with the Prestige 500 that comes in much burner variations.

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