Napoleon LEX 485 vs Rogue 525

Everybody loves delicious foods and most of us adore grilled foods because they are very tasty and have this distinct taste that can’t be achieved by other different cooking methods. For those who often make barbeque at home especially with family and friends, Napoleon LEX 485 Vs Rogue 525 will be a very reliable partner to work with. They equally have a wide cooking surface but also different so before picking one, go check what they can offer below so then we can choose the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Grill to Purchase
  • What are Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525
  • What Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 Look Like
  • How are the Cooking Area of Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525
  • What else Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 can offer
  • How to Clean Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525
  • Napoleon LEX 485 Vs Rogue 525

Grill Types

We need food to survive but it is for the basic purpose and many of us are not enjoying food as to fill the energy but for enjoyment as well which is why many cuisines are crafted from high-quality ingredients and using different techniques to bring the best taste out them. Different people also may have different tastes so our personal favorite dishes will not always be the same yet, one dish that we are sure most people are going to love is grilled foods.

Grilled foods are very tasty and have this unique taste which is distinct to the cooking method, the smoky, charred ingredients are a great combination especially for meat. However, just like all cooking methods, it needs skill and we have to be careful not to burn the ingredients and this will need some experience as well to fully cook the foods while monitoring the fire. For those who are loving this type of dish, one cooking partner we all must have is the grill itself.

There are so many different types of grill in the market and they are designed for different users as well to make sure they can cook their favorite foods. The best type of grill that will give you an authentic taste is charcoal grill and among others this is also the most affordable. They will give you the traditional smoky aroma from the wood but also the messiest to work with. We will need to spare some time to lit the charcoal and maintain the fire frequently.

The next type of grill is propane or gas grill and this is the most popular type being used today because in comparison to charcoal this type of grill is easier to work with just like cooking on stove top. It can deliver a fairly high heat and quick to lit as well as convenient to maintain through the adjustment knob. It is also available in varying sizes to suit different users from single to two meals per cooking to those we can use to feed more than 10 people at once.

For those who are living in an apartment or not allowed to use propane or charcoal grill in the area, electric grill will be the last option. As the name suggests it is feeding on electricity so there is no contact to direct fire here. They are mostly coming in small sizes for one or two people capacity and while it can’t give you the same smoky or charred results as the two above, it is also the most convenient to use especially for a smaller amount of foods.

 Napoleon LEX 485 Napoleon Rogue 525
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions28 x 62 x 50 inches
144 x 63 x 47.5 inches
Shipping Weight176.4 pounds
167.1 pounds

About Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525

Just like with everything, it is best to shop based on your personal preference in this case application because not all of us will have the same needs. The easiest method to decide which grill to fit your application is by deciding what type that can be used in your area or house and then shop based on how many ingredients to cook or how many people to feed at once. For those who are having a barbeque party with family or friends will need a bigger grill with more burners than those who are living alone.

If you are here then it means you will need a huge griller and plan to feed lots of people so we should pick those with several burners on board and a wide cooking area to work with. Among those many grill brands in the market, Napoleon is one of the most popular brands to shop from along with other favorite names like Weber. This brand carries various grill and cooking tools in the catalogue but our favorite is that these products are coming with quality and are very reliable.

For those who are looking for a grill that can be used to feed more than a regular family size, Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 are two ideal options to consider. Both of them are offering a huge cooking area and are equally reliable with several burners on board with some interesting features as well depending on which model you are going with. They are also very similar to each other in terms of capabilities and chances, what you can find on one model will be present on the other as well.

The model we are talking about in this article is the Medium LEX 485 with a cooking area of 815 square inch instead of the other medium size with only 675 square inch of cooking area. There are Various LEX series and this one is slightly above the basic model. On the other hand, our Rogue 525 is the larger version with a cooking area of 745 square inch in which is coming with infrared technology instead of range and not to be confused with the smaller 525 with a cooking area of 660 square inch.

Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 are very similar to each other because they are sporting the same overall design and even they do have the same color option which is stainless steel. Grills in this color are often hard to maintain or keep clean so we do recommend to spare some wet cloth to wipe them after each cooking to keep the shiny coating. Both of them are quite huge and about as big as adult users with a very wide cooking surface.

There are two side tables in each one of them that you can utilize to put ingredients or to cut and prepare the cooked foods. These tables also have different functions that we can use to ease the cooking job later but especially with LEX, this one has an interesting additional function on board as well. We also love the storage room in these grills because it is a closed surface and can be used to keep some of your barbeque tools conveniently.

Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 Cooking Area

The first thing you may want to know about a grill must be the grill surface itself and as it has been mentioned earlier, Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 are offering a different amount of cooking surface or your application and in this side the LEX has more of it with 815 square inch of stainless steel grill compared to 745 square inch. What’s unique from these grills is that their cooking surface is made from thick stainless steel rods which are not straight either but curved.

The intention of this wave pattern is to make sure that we can cook smaller items such as shrimp without having to worry about it falling into the space between the grill rods. Below this cooking grids, you will also find stainless steel flame tamers and their function is to cover a large amount of the area above the burners. When cooking juicy foods like meats, the juice will fall into the flame tamers and it will vaporized back into the meat to add those flavors.

Below this tamers, you will get 6 and 5 burners from a flamethrower respectively which is also independently adjusted via the knobs that you can find on the unit. They will produce a total of 72500 and 57000 BTUS. 

Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 Features

Moving further, let’s check what they can offer beside the reliable cooking space and on this side both of them are offering a side burner which is using infrared technology that can reach over a hundred degree for preheating so you can have another surface for cooking steak or making sauce using a pot. In LEX 485, there is another function on the left side of the table because it has an ice bucket to keep your beverage cold such as soft drink and beer.

Cleaning Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525

Keeping Napoleon LEX 485 and Rogue 525 clean is very easy, all you need to do is prepare a wet wiping cloth and use them to wipe the surface of the grill after every cooking to ease the job and prevent any hardened grease or dirt. The problem is their tray because this tray is fairly small for a grill of this size and it can fill up quickly as well as lit up for some reason so we do recommend to use bigger tray or be careful when grilling juicy foods.

Napoleon LEX 485 vs Rogue 525

Both of them are a great option for anyone who are going to cook for the whole family or have a small party on the backyard but specifically for the model we are talking in this article, the difference are on the cooking area and the amount of burner because in short you can grill more foods quickly with LEX 485. Additionally, this model is also featured with an ice bucket inside one of the side tables so then we can keep beverages cold while having a gathering.

- The LEX 485RSIBPSS Gas Grill features 6 burners, 74,000 total BTU's, and 815 square inches of total grilling area
- Unique wave shape cooking grids provides even heating, prevents food from falling through, and produces exceptional sear marks
- Ignite the LEX Gas Barbecue Grill instantly with the battery free ignition. This failsafe ignition system lights burners immediately with a jet of flame
- Get the perfect, steak house style, sear on steaks using the integrated sear station with cast iron cooking grid; infrared heat produces incredibly high temperatures
- Napoleon has enhanced the oldest form of cooking - cooking via infrared heat.
- The Napoleon iconic wave cooking grids don't just look interesting but are highly functional at the same time.
- Galvanized steel cart features, tool hooks, folding side shelves, propane tank stability ring, and easy locking caster wheels
- Dual-Level stainless steel sear plates to vaporize drippings, control flare-ups, and keep food moist

Napoleon LEX 485 vs Rogue 525

All in all you can pick any of these grills but make sure to get the one that fits your application the most and if you plan to cook for more people, quickly, also interested in the ice compartment, we do recommend getting LEX 485 from Napoleon.

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