Masterbuilt Gravity Series VS Weber Smokey Mountain

From roasting racks of ribs to cooking steak and baking, we can do all of them with a reliable grill and smoker like Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Weber Smokey Mountain. These grills and smokers are easy to use, perfect for family or users who are often doing cookouts and willing to put the effort in preparing everything. Worry not since both grills are reliable but not everyone will like the same option so let’s see which you may like better here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Differences Between Grill and Smoker
  • What are Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain
  • How are the Unit of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain
  • How are the Capacity of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain
  • How to Use Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain
  • How are the Experience with Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain
  • Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Weber Smokey Mountain

Grill and Smoker

The best way to choose something is to match the product with whatever we need them for. Ovens for baking and grills for searing meat; everyone can have their own preference and taste which seems to fit in their kitchen or patio best. For those who love cooking outdoors and often have barbecue parties or just love the taste of grilled and smoked meat, having the correct equipment is the most important. But, due to the amount of options, it can be confusing to choose one.

One of the most common mistakes is choosing between a grill such as Broil King 440 Vs Weber Genesis 330 and a smoker like Traeger. There is often a misconception that both appliances can do the same task and they are interchangeable which in fact is not the case. We do think some people who can invest in their hobby should buy separate equipment for different purposes but there is always a trick to make them more versatile, even though we have to put more effort.

The main difference between grill and smoker is their purpose. A grill is meant to sear or grill something, a cooking method that is short and using high heat while on the other hand smoker is cooking something using the smoke or low heat and in a prolonged time from 1 hour to 24 hours and more, depending on what you are cooking and the temperature used. The appliances are also different in the way they work which is why they are often not versatile.

When it comes to smokers, this cooking method requires the appliance to produce lots of smoke and this is why they are either using charcoal, pellet, or wood. Smokers are cooking with indirect heat so they are lower and can cook for longer but there are also models such as Pit Boss that can use direct fire as well if you want to sear the ingredients. On the other hand, a grill is as the name suggests, using direct fire, almost like a stove top but with grilling grates.

For grilling, most people choose to use propane or gas because it is more convenient and cleaner as well as versatile but there are also modern grills that use electric heating element or pan, especially if users are living in apartments where the regular grill is prohibited. With grilling, we can use direct heat by putting ingredients in direct contact with fire or arranging it to be next to the fire so it is like using indirect heat; the latter is ideal for cooking thicker meat and for a longer cooking time.

 Masterbuilt Gravity SeriesWeber Smokey Mountain
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Product Dimensions24.65 x 54.13 x 51.97 inches
21 x 19 x 41 inches
Shipping Weight147 pounds
39.1 pounds

About Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain

The choice is all yours and since each appliance is designed to do different cooking methods, it is best to get one that is matching with the type of cooking you will be doing the most often. We can smoke with a gas grill or sear with a charcoal smoker too yet they will be more complicated compared to just using the ideal appliance for each cooking purpose. Both are capable of making tasty results but if you are here then we assume that a smoker will be the most ideal choice.

There are actually so many different options when you are in the market for a grill or smoker, depending on which seems to work best and meet the budget but you can start the shopping from fuel type or the capacity first. Masterbuilt and Weber for example are two favorite options when you are in the market for a grill and smoker but Weber is usually more well-known for a griller as its gas grill is one of the most popular to buy.

Masterbuilt is the opposite and is famous for its modern and highly convenient charcoal grill. For those who prefer the taste of charcoal smoker, Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain are two perfect options to consider. These are smokers that use charcoal as the fuel and the main difference is the styling itself because Gravity Series is more like a standard grill while Smokey Mountain is kind of similar to Kamado smoker. It is not heavy duty and made of the same material however.

The Smokey Mountain is a more affordable alternative but if you prefer convenience, we highly recommend the Gravity Series which comes with more features and is also easy to use. Do note that both Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain are designed for indirect cooking so if your main reason to have them is cooking hotdogs or burgers, a griller will be more ideal. Overall the Smokey Mountain is more affordable but also more on the manual side.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain Unit

Before being able to use these smokers, we need to put the parts together first and this is the most annoying step for almost every appliance, especially large grills like this Gravity Series because it takes quite a lot of time and while the manual is helpful, it is still far from convenient. Similar to Smokey Mountain but due to the shape, this smoker is faster to assemble and also simpler. There are few sizes available and this one is an 18-inches; there are 14 and 22 inches too.

This size affects capacity both for the cooking space and the amount of charcoal we can fit in the smoker. The Gravity Series in this comparison is 560 version and it has a hopper that can contain about 12 lbs. of charcoal briquettes. As for the Smokey Mountain, the 18 inches will have a capacity of 220 pieces or charcoal or about the same in weight as well, depending on the size of the charcoal.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain Capacity

After deciding on the type of fuel that you want to use, next is the time to choose based on how many you want to cook at once. For grills, since their cooking process is typically shorter, cooking in batches should not be a problem but because smoking takes more time, it is wise to go for the capacity that you need. For the 560 Gravity Series from Masterbuilt, this variant’s main cooking grate is 320 square inches and can be expanded to 560 square inches with two warming racks.

If you choose the 18 inches Smokey Mountain, the main cooking space will be 324 square inches and since it comes with two racks, we can double this space and use both to cook at once. Do note that the bottom rack will be hotter compared to the upper rack so it is wise to consider the ingredients, size, cooking time, etc. when using both.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain Convenience 

In comparison between the Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain, both will need you to light the fire manually using a kindle or something like light charcoal. The method is a bit different however since Smokey Mountain is more straightforward as the build is simple. Lighting the charcoal is probably a bit time consuming so we recommend getting something like a Weber lighter cube as it burns hotter and longer, just to get the fire started. We can use light charcoal and torch as well but all of these are done manually.

What’s different is when it comes to adjusting the temperature and the best thing about the Gravity Series is that the grill can reach higher temperatures faster and also automatically. The reason is because when you close the lid, we can activate a fan inside the smoker and this fan will regulate the air flow to increase or decrease the temperature of the smoker. Air flow is what the Smokey Mountain relies on too, but it is manually adjusted through the bottom and lid of the smoker.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain Experience

The overall experience when using these smokers are quite different and we understand why many love the Gravity Series because this smoker is very convenient. Some people said it is like lighting up the appliance and letting it cook for how long you want it to be. With digital temperature control this smoker is almost as easy to use as an oven. Smokey Mountain is more on the traditional side and since it is simpler, chances that there will be damage on the electronics is also none.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Weber Smokey Mountain

Both Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Weber Smokey Mountain are very similar in the ability to cook deliciously. The result will vary based on our own skill but the cost and convenience are different. Both require good quality charcoal to produce best result and the main difference will be on the convenience since Gravity Series has automatic temperature setting so we can control it much easier than having to master the Smokey Mountain.

- Reaches 225°F in 7 minutes or 700°F in 13 minutes
- Control temperature and cook time with the digital control panel or with smart device control using WIFI or Bluetooth
- DigitalFan for precise temperature control
- Built-in temperature gauge and meat probe thermometer for perfect results every time
- The Weber Smokey Mountain charcoal smoker helps you achieve an authentic smokehouse flavor at home
- It can accommodate a whole turkey and an entire ham at the same time. Item weight- 39.1 pounds
- Made of porcelain-enameled steel, this smoker comes with 2 nickel-plated 18-1/2-inch-wide cooking grates
- Includes a water pan, thermometer, individual vents on bowl and lid, and heat-resistant nylon handle


There is no bad option between the two and we do think they are made for different types of users because if simplicity is the most important then Weber Smokey Mountain is a great choice while if you want the higher convenience then we will recommend Gravity Series.


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