Masterbuilt Gravity Series VS Pit Boss

There are plenty of grills and smokers that we can opt for such as Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Pit Boss. These grills and smokers are reliable and pretty easy to use, especially if you are often using them for slow cooking ingredients. The two are famous for being helpful in creating delicious grilled or smoked meat and if you are curious about what they can offer, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Grill and Smoker to Buy
  • What are Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss
  • How are the Unit of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss
  • What are the Fuel of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss
  • How are the Convenience of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss
  • What else Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss can offer
  • Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Pit Boss

Choosing a Grill and Smoker

Grilled meat and smoked turkey are some of the best dishes that we always look forward to enjoying. It is a very pleasant moment to spend time with family and friends while enjoying these delicious foods but, to have them you will also need proper cooking equipment and a grill or smoker are necessary. Many of us may want to have a griller but not sure yet about which to go for. Worry not since most of them are useful, depending on which seems to fit the preference or taste the most.

When it comes to grill or smokers, try to decide the type of fuel first. This is not only affecting the ease of use but also the flavor of your cooking. If you will mostly grill with them, we do think gas or propane grill is the most ideal choice. This type of fuel is cleaner, very easy to maintain, and also can achieve high heat faster. They are perfect for searing meat and grilling or fairly fast cooking time but can be used as a smoker too with the correct method.

If you are on the opposite side, prefer slow cooking and cooking large chunks of ingredients, the charcoal or wood and pellet grills such as Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Kamado Joe are going to be very ideal. The main difference between these grills or smokers is the fuel and how they behave when in use. Price wise usually pellet grills are the more expensive but running them depends on the quality of charcoal or pellet that we choose to use.

In general the pellet grills are most ideal when used for slow cooking at lower temperature as it can’t sustain high heat for long, unlike charcoal which is higher if you need to sear the meat too. Pellet grill is designed as a smoker and usually easier to burn compared to charcoal but also finished earlier. Taste wise we don’t argue about which will be more delicious since everyone has their own preference but both are similarly tasty with the correct cooking methods.

Another factor we have to think about is their capacity and yes, we can cook in batches and it is not an issue for grilling since they cook faster but if you plan on cooking for many people at once, measure the ingredient you will be using and the cooking surface available for them to cook at a time. If this is your first time using a smoker or grill, do check the tips and cooking methods to avoid making mistakes such as opening the lid too often when smoking.

 Masterbuilt Gravity SeriesPit Boss
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Product Dimensions24.65 x 54.13 x 51.97 inches
50.2 x 24.02 x 39.8 inches
Shipping Weight147 pounds
97.8 pounds

About Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss

The decision is all yours and regardless of the options or fuel type, there are always pros and cons of each system so it is best to just go with the choice that seems to work best in your preference. If you are still unsure, we can rent a grill from a company providing the service in your area just to see which type of fuel matches the palate best. When it comes to flavor it is difficult to decide because we have different opinions on which taste is better.

You can always rely on either charcoal or pellet grill, especially for smoking since both are ideal for this type of slow cooking. Not all grills have the same mechanism however and in modern days many of them are even coming with automatic adjustment such as what Masterbuilt and Pit Boss are offering. These famous brands of griller are loved by many and it is for good reasons. They are easier to use, reliable, and also produce delicious results while being versatile too.

Both companies are carrying charcoal and pellet grills in the collection but for the comparison we are going to pick the most popular options from their lineup or Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss pellet grill. The Gravity Series is a lineup of charcoal grills by this brand while Pit Boss is more popular for being a pellet grill. They do have charcoal too in the shape of Kamado egg but this type of grill tends to be more expensive and heavier due to the construction.

Since the main difference between our grill and smokers today is their fuel, everything related to the fuel will be different too. Based on the design, the two are using non-direct heat because the charcoal and pellet are put in a separate container next to the grate itself; Traeger makes an indirect cooking smoker that uses wood pellets similar to these grills as well.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss Design

Build quality wise these Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss pellet grills are very sturdy as they are made of metal and are rigid. The 440 Deluxe is an overall smaller grill based on the capacity so it is more compact but it should be able to fit several steaks or at least two to three racks of ribs. This model is compact and perfect for your patio with a tray on one side to put ingredients or plates and a stand with a straight wheel.

On the other hand the Gravity Series we choose today is the 560 variant and build quality wise it is similarly impressive. It looks bigger because the grill uses a taller separate hopper to store the charcoal. It doesn’t have a tray but the flat surface that houses its digital component can be used for the same purpose. It comes with a stand, two swiveling and two non-swiveling wheels.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss Fuel

As it has been mentioned above, the main difference between these Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss pellet grill is their fuel. You can set them apart by flavor because charcoal is very distinct and good quality lump charcoal are the best to use, even when they are a bit more expensive. Similarly, all natural wood pellets of your choice will affect the finish of our foods, especially if you will use them mostly for smoking. In comparison, charcoal is higher in temperature than wood pellets however.

The charcoal on the Masterbuilt Gravity Series is not placed directly below the grate so the fire and temperature is actually adjusted by the fan inside to transfer the heat. The Pit Boss put its pellet in a small hopper next to the grate as well and it is adjustable so the flame can be right below the grate if you want to sear something.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss Convenience

Some may be concerned about using a grill and smoker for the first time because charcoal and pellets are manual fuel and we do need to ignite them first yet, worry not since they are very easy. Especially for the Pit Boss 440 Deluxe, this variant comes with a 10,000 BTU ignition so it is as easy as pouring the pellet and igniting it automatically. The Gravity Series needs manual light up but we can just use a torch to start it.

There are actually plenty of methods to start your Masterbuilt such as using a kindle or small piece of wood and some people may use flammable liquid too in order to help starting the charcoal but we personally avoid it since the liquid may affect the smoke taste on our food. We recommend trying it for yourself since some people prefer using something like light charcoal for the convenience.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss Features

Coming into the features side, the best thing about these Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss pellet grills is their automatic adjustment. For the specific series in our comparison today, Gravity Series is the richer because it is not only adjustable in temperature directly from the grill but also through your smartphone using wireless connectivity. The Pit Boss temperature is adjustable as well through the knob located on the hopper; this knob adjusts the amount of pellet used to maintain the temperature.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Pit Boss 

The best thing about the Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss pellet grill is their ease of use. Some people said that it is literally lighting the grill, putting the ingredients in, and letting them cook for how long you want it to be. No need for manual adjustment since it is all done through the automatic control. The main difference in fuel type which affects the temperature and taste. Taste is subjective but temperature is higher on charcoal grill.

Masterbuilt can reach 700 degrees while Pit Boss is around 470 on the highest setting. However, starting with Pit Boss is easier because the grill comes with an automatic ignition so there is no need to use match or torch to start the pellet unlike what we have to do with Masterbuilt. Specific for this Gravity Series 560, the grill comes with more features such as wireless control.

- Reaches 225°F in 7 minutes or 700°F in 13 minutes
- Control temperature and cook time with the digital control panel or with smart device control using WIFI or Bluetooth
- DigitalFan for precise temperature control
- Built-in temperature gauge and meat probe thermometer for perfect results every time
- Pit Boss 440 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker
- Premium Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
- Removable Side Shelf/Serving Tray
- Two large Wheels


The decision is all yours since both Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pit Boss pellet grill are very reliable. If you prefer the distinct taste of charcoal and want to smoke or barbecue at higher heat, the charcoal grill Gravity Series is perfect but if you prefer pellet and ease of use, the Pit Boss is a very promising option to go for.

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