Masterbuilt Gravity Series VS Pellet Grill

It is probably near the time to start firing up your grill but the old one sadly is not useful anymore. For those who are currently looking to buy new equipment for their backyard barbeque party, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Pellet Grill are perfect options to consider. These grills are modernized to help users grill with less fuss but they are different as well so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Grill Better
  • What are Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill
  • How are the Unit of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill
  • How are the Capacity of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill
  • What Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill can offer
  • How are the Flavor Produced by Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill
  • Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Pellet Grill

For a Better Grill

We all love tasty grilled meat or even veggies when they are seasoned and cooked to the perfect level. Grilling is like cooking in general because you need a skill and knowledge to do it properly and it is usually not something we can master in a day. You may need to do several cooking and learn how the grill itself cooks the food. It is not impossible to be the best grill chef in your family or group of friends and if this is your first time grilling, here are some common tips to follow.

  • Remember to always preheat the grill for about 10 to 15 minutes before starting grilling, just like what we often do when cooking with an oven. This is because our grill needs time to reach a certain temperature and by just putting the food when the grill itself is still cold may lead the food to stay for too long causing it to dry or overcooked. Usually a grill at the high temperature ranges from 400-450 or 350-400 for the medium-high.
  • Make sure that the grill lid is as perfectly closed as possible. This is because a perfectly enclosed grilling chamber keeps the grates hot enough to sear your ingredients and speeds the cooking time while avoiding drying them. It also traps the smoke to give you that smoky flavors when fat and juices are vaporizing on the grill. For safety it prevents flare-ups too by limiting oxygen.
  • Just like when cooking anything, it is best to keep your eyes on the grill, especially the time and temperature. If it is confusing we can just use a timer and for those who plan on doing barbecue during fall or winter when the weather is cold, make sure to cook it longer. For example if there is a strong wind, it may lower the temperature of the grill.
  • Depending on what type of grill you have, the ideal food size may vary. For example if your grill is directly below the food, it is best to keep the ingredient or meat relatively small like tender pieces that we can cook in 20 minutes or less and if the fire is on the side of the food, we can use larger cuts that require more than 20 minutes to cook.
  • Additionally, depending on the fuel of your grill, the temperature will vary including how we maintain them. For example typical charcoal briquette will lose about 100 degree Fahrenheit after 40 to 60 minutes while regular charcoal can lose heat even faster. Gas grills have individual adjustments like a stove so we should be able to maintain it easier.
 Masterbuilt Gravity SeriesPellet Grill
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Product Dimensions24.65 x 54.13 x 51.97 inches
41 x 27 x 49 inches
Shipping Weight147 pounds
102.3 pounds

About Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill

When it comes to the grill, what you may have to decide first is probably the fuel type because it affects both the result and how we use the equipment. The most convenient will be a gas grill or electric grill if you are living in an apartment and don’t have the space to place one. The gas grill is the most popular for obvious reasons being both easy to use and also able to achieve a very high temperature. There is also a pellet grill for those who aim for the smoky flavor.

There is no single answer for the best grill since everyone has their own answer and preference; sometimes the question goes further to what you want from the grill. In modern days grill can be smart too when you want the best of both worlds. Masterbuilt and many other brands like Weber and Traeger are some of the most popular options to consider. What’s pretty interesting is that you can find many convenient models with modern features from their collection.

Grilling can be even easier now, we do think not everyone will have the same taste so it is always better to go for the one you like the most. For those who are currently questioning whether they should go for the Masterbuilt Gravity Series or a Pellet Grill, here we will compare the very popular option with Traeger Grills Pro Series. As you can guess, the main difference between the two will be their fuel as one is a charcoal and the latter is a pellet grill.

Both of them will be a perfect option for people who are looking for a smoker and not just searing the meat. Many love them and the reason is that because they work really well to deliver the unique flavor at the convenience in your backyard. Our favorite part about these specific models of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill is how easy it is to control them because maintaining grill temperature is usually tricky yet it is very much possible to have a stable setting with them.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill Unit

Side by side these grills and smokers are very similar in height with the Gravity Series, in this comparison the 560 Digital variant being just slightly taller than the pellet grill from Traeger Pro Series 22. Talking about Traegar, this is their older series because if you want their newer variant we do recommend checking 575 or the 780 series. The cooking height of these grills is about the same with Masterbuilt being a bit taller yet they should be perfect for a typical adult’s height.

When first come, these grills are going to need assembling because they are only sent in parts and while the manual is extremely helpful, it will take quite a time to fully build and put everything together. As you can see, the fuel of these grills is located on the side as they are meant to smoke the ingredients placed on the grill space. For ease of transportation they have wheels attached to the stand but this Traeger model only has a pair. Read also: Broil King Baron 440 Vs Weber Genesis 330 here.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill Capacity

Depending on how many servings you want to cook, it is necessary to know the capacity of your grill or smoker. We can work in batch as well if you want to keep the budget low by getting a smaller grill but starting with this Gravity Series 560, there is a total of 560 sq. inch cooking space on the grill which is divided into three layers with the main grill and two racks above it; the main grates are measured in 16.38 by 11.88 inches.

On the other hand, the Traeger Pro Series 22 in our comparison today which is fed with pellet is measured at a total of 572 sq. ft. inch for the whole cooking area while the main grates itself is 418 sq. inch and the rest is its rack above the main grate. As for the hopper capacity, this specific model can contain up to 18 lbs. pellets and Masterbuilt up to 16 lbs. of charcoal.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill Temperatures

Just like with many other grills that use charcoal and pellets, outside their features this is what set these Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill the most. In general there are plenty of differences between charcoal and pellet grills such as the temperature range. Pellet grill uses wood pellets and at maximum they usually go up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit while as expected charcoal can heat higher and also faster. For example the Gravity Series is claimed to be able to heat up to 700 degrees in just 13 minutes.

Temperature control is highly dependent on the grill’s mechanism and both grills/smokers today have digital control to adjust this temperature conveniently through its control panel. Usually adjusting the temperature of a charcoal smoker or grill needs manual effort such as by opening or closing the air vent but this Gravity Series has a fan that we can just dial to adjust.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill Flavors

Lastly for the flavor itself, it may be subjective but in general pellets are usually accepted as the better option for smoking. The grilling part is easier with charcoal as they heat up easily and when the grill has digital control like Gravity Series, it also makes the grilling process more convenient. However, pellet smokers are also known to not make a strong taste compared to using just regular woods. It is highly varied based on the pellets and charcoal we use too.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Pellet Grill

When it comes to Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Pellet Grill comparison in general, the main difference is still their fuel and ease of use. Both are coming with digital control panels so we can adjust temperature much easier now. The most noticeable difference is probably that the pellet grill is naturally easy to maintain at lower temperature while charcoal grill heat faster and also higher. Flavor wise it is highly dependent on the fuel quality and of course personal taste.

- Reaches 225°F in 7 minutes or 700°F in 13 minutes
- Control temperature and cook time with the digital control panel or with smart device control using - WIFI or Bluetooth
DigitalFan for precise temperature control
- Built-in temperature gauge and meat probe thermometer for perfect results every time
- Wood-Fired Flavor: Flavor from real hardwood pellets
- Set-it & Forget it: Easy, consistent results every time
- Epic Flavor Endless Possibilities: Grill, Smoke, Braise, Roast, Bake and BBQ
- Digital Pro Controller


Both grill and smokers are great, chances are you will like both of them but for those who want a more convenient choice, we recommend charcoal grill and smoker like the Masterbuilt Gravity Series because it can reach high temperature for quick searing and also versatile when you want to slow cook.


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