Masterbuilt Gravity Series VS Char Griller

It is probably near the time when you should prepare the grill for outdoor cooking already. For those who can’t wait to sear the steak, it is great to have something we can rely on such as a brand new grill like Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Char Griller. These charcoal grills and smokers are very convenient and will surely bring lots of great experience but if you are unsure yet about which to choose, let’s take a look into the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Grill and Smoker to Choose
  • What are Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller
  • How are the Unit of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller
  • How are the Capacity of Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller
  • What are the Features in Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller
  • How are the Experience with Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller
  • Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Char Griller

Buying a Grill and Smoker

When it comes to grills, you have more than plenty to choose from based on the fuel type, size, budget, brand, etc. What’s best for you may not be the same as what your neighbor is buying since we all have our own preferences too. It is wise to consider what type of fuel that is ideal in your type of application and choose what type of flavor or cooking process that you like the most. In modern days, gas grills are probably the most popular.

Grills can be fueled with various sources including charcoal which is also famous for what it can offer. It is loved by many and you may prefer it too. Charcoal is often preferred like gas because they can reach a very high heat and in comparison charcoal is probably higher for most of the time that it can even reach 700 degree Fahrenheit to sear the steak. Gas grills can reach this level of temperature as well but usually they are noticeably more expensive.

Taken from the die-hard and fans of charcoal grill, this type of cooking method and fuel is claimed to produce better flavor. The heat is key here because when cooking, ingredients like steak, chicken, and vegetables will produce juice or liquid that dripped on the hot coals and as it vaporized when touching the hot surface, the smoke that goes right back into the meat will produce this unique flavor which is authentic to charcoal grill.

Gas grills also have a huge amount of fans and this is what we most often see owned by many people. The advantage? It is a healthier option for grill loving people since it is proven to contain fewer carcinogens when compared to those we grilled with charcoal. It is also healthier for the environment because gas grills produce less carbon, leaving it more efficient at the carbon footprint that has been a huge issue in modern days. If these factors don’t appeal to you, a gas grill is also far more convenient.

With a gas grill you can just turn the knob and wait for the temperature to rise. Wait for a little more and we are ready to grill, unlike with charcoal that requires you to heat it up first and this may take from 15 to 20 minutes on average without including the time to light the charcoal. It is also not fuel efficient since you need more charcoal to grill the same amount of food and cleaning the mess is also more tasking compared to a gas grill that we can just wipe or wash.

 Masterbuilt Gravity SeriesChar Griller
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Product Dimensions24.65 x 54.13 x 51.97 inches
20 x 20 x 26 inches
Shipping Weight147 pounds
33 pounds

About Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller

Both fuel types have their own pros and cons so it is best to choose one that seems to fit in your application or just personal preference. Maybe you can try renting one first from a nearby service shop to see which type of fuel and cooking method you like better so we can invest on something that we will surely enjoy later. If you are here then we assume that a charcoal grill is a better choice. This type of grill may take more effort to work with however.

But, the natural aroma of charcoal is something that many of us are also aiming for and if you are willing to put in the effort, Masterbuilt and Char Griller are two ideal options to consider. These brands are loved by many and it is for what they can offer. Being a charcoal grill many of their models are far more intuitive and modern compared to the traditional charcoal grill and this is why we can get the quality of charcoal grill without much fuss.

Depending on capacity and features, you can find many options from these respective brands but for the comparison, we are going to take Gravity Series 560 and the Akorn Jr from the collections. Both are charcoal grills and smokers that are designed to help users smoke with ease and less fuss. Specific to these models, they are not the same or quite far apart based on what they can offer, including capacity and price point and as the name suggests, the Akorn Jr here is a portable grill.

Gravity Series is some of the highest models from Masterbuilt and for this 560 variant the grill itself is meant for typical outdoor cooking in your backyard or patio. Additionally, this Akorn Jr from Char griller is also simpler to work with but also more manual which is not surprising after seeing the price point. If you can spend more, the Gravity Series such as this 560 can cook more and is also convenient. Read also: Masterbuilt Gravity Series VS Pit Boss here.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller Unit

For these specific models, they are quite different since Akorn Jr is smaller and is meant to be a compact grill that we can bring to the camp site or in the open space in your area to enjoy together with neighbors and friends or family. You can bring the Gravity Series too since it has a pair of wheels to help you transport it around. The main difference besides size is the mechanism because as you can see, Akorn from Char Grill put the charcoal directly below the grates.

On the other hand Gravity Series, in this comparison the 560 is putting the charcoal in a different compartment or next to the main grate. Build quality wise these Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller are made of steel and should last for a very long time when treated properly. These grillers and smokers are going to come in parts so you will need to put everything together but in comparison the Char Grill Akorn Jr is simpler and has less parts.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller Capacity

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller can offer, specific to these models, they are quite different. Starting from the capacity, as the name suggests the Series 560 is offering a total cooking space of 560 square inch when combined with its two cooking racks but with the main grate only, this grill about 320 square inch. The hopper is also storing quite a lot of charcoal lump or briquettes up to 12 lbs.

As for the Akorn Jr Kamado smoker, the capacity is decided by the diameter of the compartment and the model today is 20 inch wide with a main cooking space of 155 square inch. When buying a grill or smoker, make sure that the capacity matches your cooking need and in comparison this Series 560 is much larger than the 20 inch Kamado from Char Griller but you can find other models that carry higher capacity or wider cooking area as well such as the Wrangler 635.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller Features

On the features part, Gravity Series is probably one among few that is very easy to use. Smoking is a tricky method and we have to always maintain the heat or monitor the temperature from time to time to make sure that they are cooking properly. The Kamado is pretty manual with temperature adjustment through the vent below. It is actually very simple and the manual will tell you the setting for a range of temperature for specific cooking methods.

What makes the Gravity Series more convenient is because the temperature adjustment is done automatically just by dialing the number that you want to use from 150 to 700 degrees. The air flow inside the smoker is regulated by a fan inside that will adjust the heat from your fuel.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller Experience

The difference between these Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller in terms of performance is based on the design; one is offset and the other is a Kamado. Each has their own pros and cons such as Kamado being more even in heat distribution with the fuel directly below the cooking area. Kamado is also very sturdy and for this one coming from Char Griller, it has cast iron cooking grate as well as made of durable powder coated steel.

But, due to the design it is difficult to add fuel without getting in the way of the cooking process as we need to remove the grate and add more fuel inside the chamber. The offset is also larger in capacity and it is easy to add more racks. But, unlike with direct heat, the smoker is often not ideal for searing and grilling in general.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Vs Char Griller

Both of these Masterbuilt Gravity Series and Char Griller smokers are reliable and easy to use. We do think each style has its own charm and concerns. In comparison specific to these models, the Gravity Series is larger, can cook more, and is more convenient both when adjusting temperature and refilling the fuel. On the other hand the Kamado from Char Griller is better at heat distribution, can sear too, and more compact.

- Reaches 225°F in 7 minutes or 700°F in 13 minutes
- Control temperature and cook time with the digital control panel or with smart device control using WIFI or Bluetooth
- DigitalFan for precise temperature control
- Built-in temperature gauge and meat probe thermometer for perfect results every time
- PORTABLE CHARCOAL GRILL - Kamado style Portable BBQ Grill & Smoker perfect for both high heat grilling and low-and-slow cooking
- GRILL ANYWHERE - Grilling on-the-go has never been easier thanks to the convenient handles and compact frame, perfect for tailgating, camping, barbecuing at the park, or at home in the backyard
- BEST IN CLASS FEATURES - Insulated design with locking lid traps smoke, heat, and moisture like expensive ceramic kamados producing flavorful barbecue and allowing you to use less charcoal
- HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made from heavy-gauge powder coated Steel with thick Cast Iron cooking grates for maximum durability and heat retention


The decision is all yours depending on which seems more convenient or attractive but if your main purpose for the equipment is smoking, the Gravity Series is one of the best to go for and if you also want to grill like searing steaks, a Kamado smoker such as the Akorn Jr. from Char Griller is a very ideal choice.

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