Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger

Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger Grills are extremely popular in the market for obvious reasons. Why would you choose a smoker that can only do one thing if you can get a multi-function pellet grill? In addition, products from these companies are also equipped with cool features. However, people often wonder which brand that is generally more recommended.

In this article, we will try to compare Green Mountain Grills and Traeger Grills to help you choose the best model for your purpose. Continue reading to find out more about:

  • Which brand that generally provides a larger cooking space
  • Which grill that is easier to set-up and use
  • The comparison of their additional features
  • The performance of Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger Grills
  • The best grill models from each company
  • Which brand that is generally more recommended for you


Let us start from arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing a grill, the size. There is a huge difference between a grill that you will only use at home and a grill that you want to bring along in a camping trip. See also: Traeger TFB30LZB vs Green Mountain Grill

If you need a portable smoker and grill combo, Green Mountain Grills are great. They are typically smaller than their Traeger counterparts. The compact size will allow you to tailgate easily. The smallest model has a cooking space of 200 square inches, which should be good enough for personal use or serving a few people.

If you need a smoker and grill combo that can cook multiple meals at once, you need something with a large enough cooking space. In this case, Traeger Grills are more recommended. The models from the company often have large cooking spaces, with some of them having more than 600 square inches. They are also equipped with high-quality cooking grates.

 Green Mountain GrillsTraeger
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions29.5 x 20 x 14.5 inches
22 x 59 x 49 inches
Shipping Weight77.2 pounds167.5 pounds

Ease of Operation

Both Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger Grills have been armed with sophisticated features to make their operation as convenient and practical as possible. However, Green Mountain Grills score a little better in this aspect than Traeger Grills.

Green Mountain Grills are known for their Wi-Fi capabilities. You can connect the grill to your smartphone or tablet, and adjust the temperature remotely. You can also access the timer and swicth off the unit via the mobile app. This is very useful when you can’t attend the grill continuously.

Green Mountain Grills are also convenient because they are equipped with foldable legs. You can save a lot of space by folding the legs. When folded, the legs can function as carrying handles.

Traeger Grills are more traditional because they require you to keep an eye on the food. You can adjust the temperature via the integrated control knob. However, the operation has already been simplified a bit by the automatic auger and ash collector mechanism.

Traeger Grills don’t have foldable legs, but these stout legs are equipped with wheels to help with the portability. The legs feel very robust and provide excellent stability.


How about the performance of Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger Grills? In general, products from both companies have excellent cooking performance. They work well for smoking, grilling, and searing. You can’t really go wrong with either brand.

Green Mountain Grills are particularly great because they are already equipped with temperature sensors to monitor the actual temperature levels in real time. This will allow you to control the cooking heat more accurately. Overall, the cooking performance of Green Mountain Grills is very good and reliable with minimal temperature fluctuation.

Traeger Grills have LED displays, but it is only for showing the currently selected temperature setting. You need to install a thermometer by yourself if you want to monitor cooking temperature in real time. However, the overall cooking performance of Trager Grills is satisfying. Despite being pellet grills, they can keep low smoking temperatures properly.

Choosing the Right Unit

Now that you have understood the general differences between Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger Grills, we will see the top models from both companies. This way, you will be able to know exactly the kind of grill that you need for your purpose.

Top Green Mountain Grills Models

1. Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett

Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett is an effective and efficient choice for grilling in your backyard and camping trips. It is compact, lightweight, and very practical to use. It has a nine-pound hopper that can accommodate enough wood pellet grills for hours of grilling. The 219-square-inch cooking space will take care of all the hotdogs and burgers for your group.

Of course, this model is already equipped with Wi-Fi. You can control the temperature via the mobile app, with a temperature range of 150 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it has three powering methods. You can use a standard power outlet, your vehicle’s cigarette port, or a 12V battery.

2. Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone

Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone is the bigger sibling. It has a spacious cooking space of 458 square inches. With that space, you can easily cook a standup turkey or seven racks of ribs at once. It is also equipped with micro-adjustment capabilities for the fan and auger.

This model has a temperature range of 150 – 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The lid features a transparent window which will allow you to monitor your food easily. It also features Wi-Fi and dual meat probes for even more accurate readings of your foods’ doneness. The unit requires a 12V power source.

3. Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie

As the largest unit in the family, Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie offers a total grilling space of 658 square inches. It should be sufficient for pretty much anything, ranging from a dozen of ribs racks to a whole hog. A great choice for a barbecue party with a lot of people.

This model also features a 12V direct power design. The temperature range goes from 150 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. It also retains the Wi-Fi capabilities, dual meat probes, adjustable fan and auger speeds, and a transparent lid window. The company claims that this model has the best efficiency and pellet fuel economy.

Top Traeger Grills Models

1. Traeger TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Series

The company has produced many grills and smokers, but Traeger TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Series is perhaps the very best. This model comes with a digital controller that is very accurate and easy to use. You just need to turn the knob to the desired position, whether it is for grilling or smoking. It also has an electronic ignition system for an easy and quick start.

The hopper is huge, and there is an ash bucket to collect the ash as the wood pellets burn. In the cooking room, there are coated grates that will collect food drippings without sticking. The grates will also help you sear meats nicely.

2. Traeger TFB42LZBC Lil’ Tex Elite 22 Series

Traeger TFB42LZBC Lil’ Tex Elite 22 Series is great for cooking for a group of friends or family. It has a cooking space of more than 400 square inches, so you will be able to cook quickly without leaving your guests waiting. The grill and smoker combo also does an excellent job in extracting the flavor from the hardwood pellets and embedding that flavor into your food.

Two of the legs have wheels. This will allow you to move the unit cart-style across your patio or lawn easily. The unit is also equipped with a digital controller, an LED screen, and metallic cooking grates. The same grease management system is available to prevent your food from creating a mess.

3. Traeger TFB30LZB Tailgater 20 Series

Traeger TFB30LZB Tailgater 20 Series is targeted at people who love bringing their grills in camping and hiking trips. It is compact enough to allow you to tailgate easily, and it won’t eat up too much area in your camping ground. Unlike most other models the company, this model has foldable legs.

The grill comes with porcelain-coated grates that are very robust and easy to clean. The grates are also useful for keeping the food away from direct flame. It features a classic control panel with an LED display and a temperature control knob. You can choose the cooking temperature to be low for smoking, or high for grilling and searing.

However, this grill won’t be able to output as much heat as the higher models. The total cooking space is about 300 square inches, which is great for a small group of people. You can fit two whole chickens inside the cooking space. Cleaning will be easy with the shutdown cycle, which will take care of most of the ash.

Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger

- Includes Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors grill temperature
- Portable, Folded Legs Double as Handles
- 110V or 12V with adaptors for 3 Power Options
- Ultimate Tailgating Grill
- Never use gas or charcoal again: cooking with wood just tastes better. Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste
- Versatile barbecue cooking: hot and fast, or low and slow, the Traeger Pro Series 34 pellet grill offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ food to juicy perfection
Precision temperature control: The Digital Pro Controller rocks Advanced Grilling Logic, which maintains a +/- 15 degree F temperature control to guarantee precision grilling
- Sturdy and Durable: Powerful steel construction and durable powder coat finish, easy to clean porcelain grill grates and all-terrain wheels


Both brands are known for their excellent quality, so you can’t really go wrong with either. Green Mountain Grills are awesome, and more recommended, if you want easy operation and cool features. The ability to control the grill remotely over Wi-Fi is really cool. Meanwhile, Traeger Grills are better if you need a big cooking space for serving multiple people.

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