Cuisinart GR-1 Vs GR-11

Everybody loves grilled food whether it is grilled meat, veggies, or even grilled sandwiches and cheese. If you are loving grilled sandwich or often make Panini for breakfast or lunch in the office later, Cuisinart GR-1 Vs GR-11 are a very reliable griddle to have at home because they will help you cook delicious sandwiches or grill some steak for dinner. If you are also considering these models, see what they can offer below before shopping so then we can choose the best griddle.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Shop for the Best Panini Press
  • What are Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11
  • What Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 Look Like
  • How are the Cooking Surface of Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11
  • Do Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 have Floating Hinge
  • What else Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 can offer
  • Do Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 Easy to Clean
  • Cuisinart GR-1 Vs GR-11

Shopping for Panini Presser

We are living with foods and we need food to survive as well as water but people mostly pay attention to food only because it provides satiety and they have various flavors to try in which some are just simply irresistible. As eating is a part of our lives, so does cooking because it is the process of making food and in our opinion, no matter the gender, one should be able at least to cook simple dishes when becoming an adult for it is a basic life skill.

Cooking may seem like a hassle , especially today when we can just tap menu and order them via special smartphone apps. However, if you love eating, cooking can be a very interesting hobby to consider as well because we can create almost anything from scratch and the ability to mix and match them together are going to be very useful for your daily menu. It also means we can tailor the nutrition better to provide adequate nutrients and supply the body with healthy whole foods.

When talking about cooking, it is almost impossible to not talking about the cooking appliance because chances we will need them to make special dishes and with how companies are making their products to be more useful each time, it is great to let users be more convenient but still able to enjoy tasty foods anytime. For those who are into Panini or grilled sandwich in general, Panini press will be a very ideal appliance to have in your kitchen and they are also versatile as well for other dishes.

Panini presser is one of our favorite appliances because they can act as other type of cooking tool as well such as grilling meat or patty when you are not in the mood for this Italian sandwich. However, you may want to pay attention to some of its features before shopping because not all of them will be the same or as useful and for a Panini press, the most important feature will be the floating hinge so we can fit thick sandwich in between.

The next is their grilling surface area because it will decide how much we can cook at once and while smaller grill should be enough for a single users, those with family may want to look at a bigger models to allow them to cook more at once and be more convenient. If you have more budget to spend, we also recommend to get the models with adjustable temperature thus, we can cook various ingredients more properly for most affordable griddle are coming with preset heat.

About Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11

If you already making up the mind and want to get this very useful cooking appliance, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because we have so many of them out there and just like everything else, their price will play an important factor to make the unit becomes highly convenient or not. But, if your goal is just a Panini press, there should be lots of affordable units on the market with reliable performance.

Among those many brands, Cuisinart is one of the best when it comes to cooking appliance and it included their Panini press as well because it seems lots of people are satisfied with how their product works and as a company that has been in the same industry for so long, we can trust their quality and dedication to make reliable products. They also carry quite the options and two of them are Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 which can be hard to set apart from each other because of their too much similarities.

Their names are even similar and sometimes we do mistook them to each other but to make it short, they are a different model yet still a close brother and the latter is a newer version based on the predecessor with a very convenient feature that we will talk about later. These Panini press are very affordable so everyone can grab one without having to dig deep into their pocket and equally useful to make grilled sandwich or cheese anytime right in your kitchen.

Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 are an ideal model for a single person user or two because they have fairly narrow cooking surface. These models also have the basic features we can find on most similar griddle so we should be able to use them for cooking other foods as well like thinly sliced steak or grilled veggies. However, in comparison we think the GR-11 will be far more convenient than its older brother and what’s surprising, this model is also cheaper. Read also: Weber Spirit E-310 Vs Genesis E-310 here.

Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 Design

What makes it hard to set these Panini press apart firstly is from their design because as you can see, they are identical to each other with almost the same look and color but, if you look closely, there is a small indicator light in which the former has it on the top while the latter has it on the body. You will find no button in these models because they will be automatically on and off by main power; it can be convenient or not depends on how you will use them later.

They are very compact and should be fine inside one of your under desk cabinet when not in use. As for the material, the whole body itself seems to be made from steel with brushed stainless steel finish and a huge hardened plastic handle to close and open the top lid or griddle. We did said griddle many times before but the surface of these press are like a grill and not the flat type to produce those seared marks in your sandwich or steak and veggies.

Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 Cooking Surface

Just like when selecting a grill, the first thing we look at when shopping for Panini press is their cooking surface and these models are coming with the same amount of cooking area measured approximately at 6.2 by 10.35 inches and with this amount you should be able to fit three 4-inch containers in a staggered row or if you cook slightly bigger patty, two of them will fit just fine in any of these griddle which mean cooking for two people at once is still possible.

As for the material, they don’t provide enough information on what type of coating or main material in Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 but they have the non-sticky type so probably the coating is similar to Teflon.

Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 Floating Hinge

Moving further, as it has been mentioned above, one of the most necessary features of Panini presser is its floating hinge and it is available in both models thus, you can cook either thin or thick sandwich just fine. This hinge is adjustable to follow how tall the space between the two cooking plates are separated. One issue we see though, it seems the bottom part has higher temperature compared to the top side so you have to pay more attention when cooking so they won’t get burnt. 

Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 Feature

The next part is feature and as an affordable models, there is no special or fancy functions in these griddle including temperature option which we love so much to have. However, Cuisinart GR-11 is offering a very convenient capability and it is an option to remove the cooking grill which is not possible in GR-1. This feature means you can take the griddle out and use a flat cooking surface to sear veggies or make sunny side egg without the griddle messing up the form.

Cleaning Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11

Another important feature you may want to keep in mind is how easy it is to clean these griddle because there must be grease or even dripped cheese dirtying the cooking surface when making sandwich. Cuisinart GR-1 and GR-11 are equally featured with drip spout to make cleaning easy to since GR-1 don’t have removable cooking surface, we can only wipe them with a wet clean cloth but on the other hand GR-11 can be washed with water and dish soap.


These Panini press are a good option for those who are considering to spend a little budget but still get a reliable cooking appliance and in comparison the GR-11 will be an overall better griddle because it allows you to remove the cooking surface to clean them properly or to change with another type of surface when cooking other types of foods like eggs or veggies that looks better without the searing marks.

Cuisinart GR-1 Vs GR-11

- Panini press and sandwich maker in brushed stainless-steel housing
- Upper and lower 11-by-7-inch nonstick, non-removable grill plates
- Floating hinge adjusts to accommodate any size sandwich; preset temperature
- Opens flat to double the cooking surface
- Preset temperature is perfect for grilling burgers, steaks and sandwiches
- Power On/Ready to Cook indicator lights


There is no bad choice between these Panini press but if we are to pick one, Cuisinart GR-11 will be the better option since you can be more convenient both in cooking and cleaning up after eating.

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