Coleman Roadtrip vs Weber Q

Summer is the best time to do a cookout, inviting your friends and family to eat together and spend some quality time with delicious foods. For those who also love grilling meat and veggies, we also need to have a reliable grills at home like Coleman Roadtrip Vs Weber Q because not only they can cook fast but also delicious and easy to take care of later. If you are also considering these grills, see which model will fit your house the most below. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose the Best Grill
  • What are Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q
  • What Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q Look Like
  • How are the Cooking Feature of Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q
  • What else Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q can offer
  • Are Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q Easy to Clean
  • Coleman Roadtrip Vs Weber Q

Shopping for the Best Grill

We are sure that no one will refuse when offered a nicely seared meat or cooked marinated barbeque because who doesn’t love grilled foods. Among other types of cooking like boiling, frying, baking, and grilling, the latter are probably what we love the most and if possible enjoy them every weekend because there is nothing like the smoky taste and nice, browned ingredients that have been cooked properly above a cooking grates especially if it is using charcoal for the smokes will add a different distinct flavor as well.

A barbeque party is not possible without the grill to cook your foods and when it comes to grills, there are so many of them out there that may take the whole shopping process a bit confusing but, we can consider some of their specifications first to see if one will be the best choice. 

First is the grill fuel because today, we have several of them from the traditional charcoal grill, the safer gas grill, and the most convenient electric grill. All of them have both pros and cons for example charcoal grill is the most delicious for it can smoke your foods as well when heating them, giving those barbeque flavors but it also not convenient and takes longer to cook which makes it not an ideal choice for those with less patient or want to cook fast.

Gas grill is the more convenient option and cleaner as well because we don’t have to deal with any preparation so the cooking process pretty much the same as when using the stove top. It can produce a high heat in a short time and more stable as well as easy to clean up after you done with the party. Electric grill is the most convenient among the three and safest as well as more possible for anyone living in an apartment complex as long as it is allowed to be used.

However, most of them need quite the time to heat food so you will have to spare more time before enjoying the seared steak and veggies. After grill type, comes size and it will be depending on how many people we want to feed at a time. For example those who will cook for 3 or 4 people a two burner size with a working or cooking space from 400 to 500 square inch will be enough for most people but we can adjust it as needed or how many people will eat with you.

About Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q

If you already decide which grill will suit the house the most based on what fuel they are using or which size will be enough for the activity, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because we have so many of them out there. Most of them will be able to help you cooking those steaks, fish, veggies, or tubers in the backyard but not all will have the same features or capabilities so make sure to get the one with a good quality.

And, if you want to save more time, we can see what the other users are purchasing because those that have been satisfying most users will also have a higher chance to fit yours as well. Talking about best grills, Coleman and Weber are two of the most popular brands you can always count on to because they are offering great quality products and the fact that they carry lots of models will make it easier as well to find the one with the best suitability.

For those who are looking for an outdoor barbeque grills which you can use on the backyard, patio, or when on camping, Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q series will be a very ideal choices to consider. Both of these lines are filled with propane gas grills and a wide range of sizes available to fit all of your barbequing needs whether it is just for one or two persons or even to feed more than 5 people in a party or camping at once.

The fact that Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q are fueled by liquid propane also means they will need less effort to take care of and prepare because what you need to do is only connecting the tank and make sure they are properly connected then ignite the grills. Propane grills will still need time before the cooking surface is heated but compared to electric grill or even charcoal grill, they will require far less time and less energy or even skill.

Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q Design

These grill lines have several models with similar names but for example, we are going to use the Roadtrip LXE and Q2200 respectively from these brands. Both of them are very similar both in fuel type and cooking area as well as design because as you can see on the sample picture above, they equally have a pretty design, a huge lid to cover your food, and a pair of working table to complete the cooking convenient but, only Coleman offer the grill with a feet and a pair of wheel.

This is indeed great if you are going to transfer the grill a lot or carrying them to an outdoor activity like camping because it cuts the need to use an additional table or the effort to carry it manually in case you can’t find a table with a rolling wheel. As for the material to build the body, they are mostly cast-aluminum so they are not as heavy compared to how they look while the feet of Roadtrip is actually hardened plastic yet very strong.

Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q Cooking Surface

The first thing you may want to know when looking for a grill is their cooking surface because it will affect how much food we can cook at once. What’s different from this side is that Coleman is already using 2 burners in this model in which Weber still only has one stainless steel burners and it means the former will also cook and heat up faster in comparison (20000 vs 12000 BTU). For those who are looking for two burners models like Weber Spirit E310 Vs E330 will be more ideal.

They have a very similar cooking grates with a narrow gap between each grates so we can still put smaller cut vegetables without worrying they will fall in between them but, Coleman is using separate grills so there is one on the right and one on the right while the latter is in one solid piece. These cooking surface is measured at 285 and 280 square inch respectively so we can cook for two or three people at once easily depending on how much food on each plate.

Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q Features

Moving to the features part, there are some useful features that we love in Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q and the first one is a tall lid because it will be helpful when you put a big chunk of meat or arrange them a bit taller so we can still have space on top. In addition, both of them are coming with a built-in thermometer on these lids as well so you can instantly know if the grills are reaching the preheat or preferred temperature yet without buying another tool.

With Coleman Roadtrip, we do like the table or feet included because it eliminated the need to get a dedicated table when carrying the grills outdoor or while camping. These grills also offering a wide working table on both sides to let you chop or put ingredients before they are entering the grill or to put them for a while before being served.

Cleaning Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q

For the cleaning process, Coleman Roadtrip and Weber Q are very easy to take care of as well because just like any grills, there is a funnel inside and it is connected to a drip catching pan that you can remove to clean and also included in the package. You may need to adjust the position of their propane gas first before placing or removing them though and these are washable types so we can just use water and soap to clean and use them again later.


These grills are ideal for 2 to 3 people and convenient for any times of the day by requiring very little preparation. The difference is because Coleman Roadtrip is heating food faster with two burners especially this LXE models so we can cook more at the same time as well and has slightly wider cooking surface. It is also convenient because the package will include a feet and wheel thus we don’t need a separate setup.

Coleman Roadtrip vs Weber Q

- Up to 20,000 BTUs of grilling power and 285 sq. in. of cooking area
- Now with 3 independently adjustable burners for enhanced temperature control
- Water pan catches cooking grease and is removable for easy cleaning
- 2 durable side tables for resting utensils and sauces; integrated thermometer for accurate temperature monito
- Total cooking area = 280 Square Inches
- Stainless steel burner puts out 12,000 BTU-per-hour
- Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates
- Electronic ignition with built in thermometer


There is no bad choice between these grills but if we are to choose, Coleman Roadtrip is a superior model compared to the Weber Q series because it has some useful features and the more important two burners yet, it is also more expensive.

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