Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion

Are you currently confounded in making a choice between Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion? Numerous individuals have been befuddled by these two BBQ grills, too. Their underlying costs were comparable, at the same time, today, you have an opportunity of a lifetime of discovering Coleman Roadtrip LXE at a marginally lower cost than X Cursion. 

They also appear to have comparable details. All in all, are there any differences between these two versatile grill models? Which one does offer the best incentive for the cash? We will look at the two grills against one another down below. Keep on reading. 

Colour Ranges 

All things considered; numerous individuals think about this as a minor factor to consider. However, these two grills do accompany the distinctive color alternatives. Truth be told, you can say that the color alternatives are one of the variables that reason the value distinction. But, in what manner or capacity?  

Between Coleman Roadtrip LXE and X Cursion, the former is decent and extravagant. It offers a wide scope of color alternatives. There are red, green, blue, purple, black, maroon, silver, and orange. You can pick one that suits your own taste the most.  See also: Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX.

Then again, the latter is just accessible in two color alternatives, which are blue and green, one of National Parks limited release. Obviously, X Cursion is currently evaluated at a more significant expense in view of the green limited version.

The National Parks version was discharged in the festivity of the National Park Service centennial back in 2016. It is currently the official grill of the National Park Foundation. The blue release is somewhat less expensive than the green one. 


Albeit the two models are compact foldable grills, you may discover the former’s model somewhat more viable and helpful than the latter. Whenever folded, Coleman Roadtrip LXE changes into an exceptionally flawless structure.

The pair of wheels sits near the body, while the other leg turns into a decent, huge handlebar. Such a structure empowers you to move and store it effectively. At the point when completely unfolded, the two haggle bar make a sturdy stand.

The real handlebar does not generally contact the ground, so you do not have to stress over the cleanliness. There is likewise a couple of sliding tables, which are helpful for putting down nourishment fixings and gear, particularly when cooking in the open air.  

Much the same as the other, X Cursion is foldable and compact. It additionally overlaps into a flawless structure. In any case, there is a pleasant re-structure here. While Coleman Roadtrip LXE puts the handlebar on one of the legs, X Cursion puts the handlebar as an afterthought table.

This is positively increasingly charming and maybe progressively sterile. All things considered, despite the fact that Coleman Roadtrip LXE’s handlebar does not generally contact the ground; you may need the handlebar to be taken care of starting from the earliest stage. 

In any case, X Cursion is not without a minor imperfection. The handlebar as an afterthought table makes a gap that can be irritating sometimes.

There is a small possibility that you inadvertently thump something off of the table through the gap when you are working the barbecue or setting up the feast. It would be decent on the off chance that the opening has a thicker outskirts, yet, on the other hand, that would lessen the accessible region.  


Both grills are perfect and compatible with any cooktops. There are a frying pan, full-size frying pan, and stove meshes sold independently.

On the off chance that you need to make your grill as adaptable as could reasonably be expected, you unquestionably ought to furnish it with these cooktops. They will be extremely convenient and valuable for preparing different nourishments and suppers.  

These two models are both propane-fuelled. They are intended to work with 16.4-oz LP (liquid propane) chambers. Both Coleman Roadtrip and X Cursion accompany the InstaStart Technology for simple supreme lighting.

It is fast and helpful. You simply need to push a button to light the fire. Moreover, it is basically a sparkle start framework that does not require any battery. 

The contrast between these two models would be the oil management system. The former unit highlights an open-fire dribble through a flame broiling framework with a removable oil plate. It is straightforward, yet it works decently. Cleaning the oil plate, nonetheless, may require a few endeavors.  

Then again, the X Cursion one is furnished with the DripTrap water skillet oil get plate which highlights the NullaFlare innovation. It can decrease flare-ups and it is likewise very simpler to clean.  


How is the cooking performance of Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion? These two models have a similar cooking territory, which is 285 square inches, and furthermore a similar cooking power, which is 20,000 BTUs.

When all is said in done, you will find that the size is perfect for cooking for around three or four individuals. Every one of the two models is furnished with two autonomously flexible hardened steel burners to permit the exact command of more than two temperature zones.  

Both units can perform reliably in different conditions, in any event, when the day is breezy or freezing. Yet, you may find that the X Cursion’s warmth appropriation is, to some degree, better over the cooking zone. This is a result of the Even-Temp innovation, which enables the warmth to emanate similarly over the surface. 


Every one of the two models is ensured by a three-year constrained guarantee. Notwithstanding, remember that the guarantee just covers assembling surrenders. It will not cover harm from utilization misuse, and unfortunately, it will not cover rust. A few clients have said that these BBQ grills are impervious to rust, so ensure that you keep them up appropriately. 

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion

- Portable propane grill ideal for tailgating, picnicking, and camping
- Delivers 20,000 BTUs of heat across 285 square inches of grilling surface
- Swaptop interchangeable cooktops allow you to switch grill grates out for griddle and stove grates (sold separately)
- Made of the highest quality materials
- Camping cooking grills
- Another quality Coleman Signature product


Picking between these two models can be troublesome in light of the fact that they each offer various preferences. At last, X Cursion makes a somewhat better decision. In spite of the fact that it just has one side table, it accompanies a superior structure and improved advancements. The DripTrap plate is pleasant, and the Even-Temp innovation permits better, progressively even warmth conveyance.

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