Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX

Grilling food is somehow become most preferable thing to do for many people around the world. Even, many people love to grill something when they are home. It is even become a popular thing to do when you want to just spending time with your loved one.

Also, it is became a real party when you get the grill thing in the mean time. So, grilling meat or other meal is kind of a tradition. To grill those thing you sure need a tools, and it usually called as griddle or grill machine.

What interesting about this cooking tool is, that this thing not only used to get the meat or other thing grilled. With this machine you may also cook other dishes. And that’s why many people want to buy this griddle, even for their own need at home or for business purpose such as having this for your café or restaurant.

Again, when the market asking a products more and many people are interested, so it will be many kinds and type of that products coming from the same company and brand either different company and brand.

Not differ with the griddle; there are so many kinds and brand of the griddle out there. So, it is important to everyone that put interest in this tool to know the specification of each product first. So, in this article we will talk about two different types of griddle but coming from the same brand.

There are Coleman Roadtrip LXE and Coleman Roadtrip LXX that both getting a high review from many users. So, make sure you have read this carefully before you decide to buy one of them. So, let start the comparison.

Coleman Roadtrip LXE

First product of this article is the Coleman Roadtrip. This product is produce by Coleman that basically produces many outdoor camping gear and equipment. And this griddle is a tool that can call as the camping equipment.

As we know that while we have camping or picnic with family and friends, barbecue is a must. That’s why we may take a portable and easy to bring griddle machine. And this Coleman Roadtrip is actually designed as on tools that can be transferred anywhere with ease.

Especially this Coleman Roadtrip LXE, it has a simple to use of the lock and lift system. As we talked before that we need something that easy to bring. With the lift and lock system, it means that this griddle will be perfect to bring as a portable griddle especially when we have camping.

But what is the specification of this Coleman Roadtrip LXE? Here we will talk about that. First let’s see the specification of the products first, there are:

  • Swaptop tradable cooktops enable you to switch flame broil meshes out for iron and stove grates (sold independently)
  • Compact propane flame broil perfect for closely following, picnicking, and outdoors
  • Collapsible structure is anything but difficult to ship and fits into most vehicle trunks
  • Conveys 20,000 BTUs of warmth crosswise over 285 square creeps of flame broiling surface
  • Instastart catch touches off barbecue without the requirement for a match or lighter

After talking about the specification that the factory claim, we will talk about something more important, there are the pros and cons of this product, such as:


  • Simple to clean removable oil the executives plate
  • Prepared to go straight out of the crate
  • Snappy and simple to overlap up into a compact unit on wheels
  • Utensils and side tables included
  • Maker’s constrained multi year guarantee
  • Incomparable start


  • Need to watch out for the sustenance to guarantee an even cook
  • No inherent thermometer
  • Not perfect for explorers and climbers

Coleman Roadtrip LXX

Next, we will talk about the LXE brother; it is Coleman Roadtrip LXX that also get a high review due to the great and practical design. Just like the previous type of coleman that we have been talk about, this product is also suitable for you that are enjoying an outdoor event or outdoor activity such as camping in the mountain or just having party at your garden.

But are these two types really that different? I don’t think so! From the specification, we can see that actually the two products are almost similar. One thing that seems upgraded in this type is the burner system. But before, here are the specifications of Coleman Roadtrip LXX based on the factory claim:


  • Cooking Surface – 285 sq in
  • Cooking Power – 22,000 BTU’s
  • 2 autonomous burners enable you to have 2 temperature zones
  • 2 Burner System – 11,000 BTU’s for each burner
  • ​Utilizations 16.4 oz propane chambers or can be adjusted for 20 lb propane tanks (you will need hose and tank sold independently)
  • Measurements – 47″L x 19″W x 34″H
  • 49.9 lbs Weight .
  • InstaStart Electronic Ignition. No matches required.
  • Fuel – Propane
  • A 16.4 oz chamber will last as long as 60 minutes.

So, just for your reminder, that both are having a slight different on the burning system.  Next we should also need to know the pros and cons of the Coleman Roadtrip LXX of the Cooking power.


  • Has a collapsible stand and tough wheels for simple versatility for your next experience
  • Simple and speedy set up
  • Removable tough treated steel side tables and cast-iron meshes for simple cleaning
  • The capacity is reduced and level
  • The start requires no matches
  • Strong and solid manufactured


  • The handle is a little flimsy
  • The grill is prone to rust if not taken care of properly
  • You cannot adjust the grill height to get the food away from the flame

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs LXX

- Price For: Each Material: Porcelain Coated Steel Type: Portable Cooking Surface Dimensions: 285 sq. in. Overall Height: 34" Overall Depth: 19" Tank Capacity: 16.4 oz. Item: Propane Grill Wheel Size: 5-29/32" Burners: 2 Wheel Type: PC Wheel Overall Length: 47"
- Includes: Collapsible Grill Stand with Wheels, (2) Small Pullout Tables, Instastart(TM) Matchless Lighting, (2) Independently Controlled Burners Color: Red BtuH: 10, 000 Country of Origin (subject to change): China
- Portable propane grill ideal for tailgating, picnicking, and camping
- Delivers 20,000 BTUs of heat with 2 independently adjustable burners


So, finally we can say that both products is a great outdoor grill machine. You may take it easily with you when you are going to camping or picnic. You may also use it at home and bring it to your garden. So, before deciding please consider your needs and of course the budget to buying one of the grill.

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