Broil King Signet 20 vs Baron 440

You love grilled food such as steak? Or you just love burger with perfect burn side? You may love to cook that you will need much cooker stuff. Or you are a restaurant owner that needs many things to cook based on the menu you offer in your restaurant.

If you familiar with cooking, so you will be understand well the about the grill machine. Grill machine usually used by people who love to do a picnic or someone who really love to eat some grilled food. Some person also uses this cooker to do an outdoor party and having barbecue.

Because there are many people love to use this, there are also many brands and company that make this kind of products. That means, you will feel so confuse whenever you want to buy one of the grill machine.

Even, a producer may produce many types and kind of the grill machine. And to know which one is better, we will talk about the product here. In this article we will compare about two products of gas grill that loved by many users.

There are Broil King Signet 20 and Broil King Baron 440 that having a great review and rating from the users. You will easily find this product in the online market place. Both products are a “broil king” product. Here, we will talk about the differences, so let’s start!

 Broil King Signet 20

This product is one of the most popular products in among the user. They say that this gas grill is having quality and also great durability and performance. Many of them choose to take this for their machine grill because it gives you a good result of grilling. See also: Char Griller Akorn vs Green Egg.

Also, the Broil King Signet 20 is having a large cooking space which allows you to cook many kind of grilled food at the same time. You may grill your steak while burning your patties. Isn’t that a great thing to do? You wouldn’t have to cook many things one by one.

Further, to know better about the Broil King Signet 20 can do, we should first take a look at the specifications and the features of the products:

  • 40000 BTU principle burner with hard core cast iron cooking frameworks
  • Treated steel flav-r-wave cooking framework
  • 635-Square inch all out cooking space with 400-Square inch essential cooking space
  • 3 Stainless steel double tube burners and flav-r-zone warmth parcels
  • Therma-cast aluminum stove with tempered steel wrap

As you see, just like the other grill, this one is also having the stainless steel cast and also the aluminum cast. What makes this different is, the cooking space. You will find it so large differs from the other type of the gas grill.

After knowing the specification, now let’s also talk about the bad and good side of the broil king signet 20. Here are some pros on cons of this product:


  • This unit accompanies a lifetime restricted guarantee, a 10-year guarantee on the burners and a 2-year guarantee on parts and paint.
  • The Signet 20’s materials are very tough and intended to hold and protect the warmth from the flame broil.
  • The Signet 20 has a wide scope of temperatures: it can get hot which is ideal for burning, and exceptionally low for moderate cooking and more slender sustenance like fish filet.
  • The Signet 20 has an aggregate of 635-square crawls with 400 of those inches gave to the essential cooking zone.


  • Get together for the Signet 20 can take hours, which is entirely baffling for a great many people. On the off chance that you are not used to following headings or are not convenient, this can be significantly increasingly irksome.

Now, let’s move to the next product of the Broil King!

Broil King Baron 440

About this product, many people say that this one isn’t large enough for cooking. If we can do many cooks in one go with the Broil King Signet 20, we can’t do that with the Broil King Baron 440. It is because, the primary cooking space is just around 15inch, which can considered as “small”.

What get this become one of the popular grill machine is because it has iron- cast considering the price. Many people say this type is the budget winner if we differentiate this one with another. Also, with the BTU, this machine is perfect for the side dish.

So, to understand more about this product, let’s take a look at the features and the specification owned by this type of Broil King Grill Machine.


  • Four 10,000 BTU double tube treated steel burners
  • 444 square inches essential cooking territory with an aggregate of 644 square inches
  • 40,000 BTU greatest yield from the principle burners
  • 10,000 BTU metal topped side burner under a flush mounted spread
  • Porcelain steel development with cast aluminum end tops, twofold layer hood, and hardened steel control board and side tables
  • Porcelain-covered cast iron cooking grates
  • Electric (AA-battery) start
  • Propane tank and spread sold independently

As you see, anything owned by this machine is just great but the size of the cooking space. so, after discussing about those specification, let’s we talk about the pros and cons of the Broil King Baron 440.


  • This flame broil will most recent quite a long while because of the quality development, making this a savvy venture.
  • The cooking components, from the double tube burners to the substantial porcelain covered cast iron cooking grates, consider uniform warming front to back, guaranteeing your sustenance will be equally cooked inevitably.
  • The vapor at that point pervades the nourishment, giving it that mark barbecued taste.
  • and the Flav-R-Wave™ cooking framework makes a tasty vapor from the drippings that fall onto the hardened steel development


  • The side burner is not much and, at 10,000 BTUs, is somewhat powerless, maybe perfect for warming a sauce.

Broil King Signet 20 vs Baron 440

- 40000 BTU main burner with heavy duty cast iron cooking grids
- Stainless steel flav-r-wave cooking system
- 635-Square inch total cooking space with 400-Square inch primary cooking space
- 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners deliver up to 40,000 BTUs heating the grill quickly and evenly
- 10,000 BTU powerful side burner. Cooking Surface- 17.48 inch Width, 25.67 inch Length
- 644-sq in total cooking area, including 444 sq. in of primary cooking space,

Finally, now you can conclude which one will be great for you. The performance, durability, and of course the budget will suits your needs well. So, just consider your need first, because there is no point to having tools that won’t useable for you.

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