Broil King Baron 440 Vs Weber Spirit E310

Christmas is upon us. Just a few days before we can actually celebrate the special day of the year. People celebrate it in many ways. Setting up a Christmas tree is one of the usuals. But how about barbequing? Cooking your meat outside can be a nice experience if you have a decent tool with you. Of course, everyone doesn’t want to enjoy an event filled with troubles. If you think that your grill’s life is due, switching to a new one might be a great idea.

Your first grill would probably be anything that’s capable of cooking meat. That’s the common idea of the first timers, which is really okay. At first, you would probably have any expectations about your grill. As long as it could work, then it’s fine. Grills nowadays are blessed with the on-going advanced technology. This will result in many interesting features that you can certainly enjoy.

Among the other brands crowding the competition in the market, you might find the names of Broil King and Weber. We talked about Weber in the previous post actually, compared it to the famous Napoleon Prestige 500. Today will be different. Once again we have Weber on the other side, while facing another contender, the Broil King.

Some of you who are familiar in grilling would probably be familiar with these two. In fact, both Broil King and Weber can be said to be some of the best brands in the grilling industry.

 Broil King Baron 440Weber Spirit E310
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions57 x 24 x 45.5 inches32 x 52 x 63 inches
Shipping Weight154 pounds130 pounds

Rooting as a smaller company, Broil King was first built back in the ‘90s. Just like any other big companies nowadays, it started as a smaller company at first, crawling and fighting to be one of the most popular brands as it is today. Broil King wasn’t so popular back then, but due to the fact that their grills always stood up in quality making its name slowly rising.

On the other hand, Weber is certainly not a new one in the industry. They’ve been in the market for so long, building the firm, effective lines of distribution across the United States. The ease of reaching them, plus the abundant supply that’s always able to meet the demand make them quickly famous among households. It is basically accessible all around the country.

Both produced many, wonderful, and innovative products, but all eyes are gazing on the popular items, Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Spirit E 310.

Broil King Baron 440

The Broil King Baron 440, and “Power” seemed to be inseparable, or so many people thought. They often consider this grill to be powerful, and able to produce a lot of heat for a more convenient cooking session. Carrying a wide capacity of 444 square inches, it offers larger capacity for bigger families, even though when compared with E 310, it still somewhat lacks shine.

Heavy duty materials like cast-iron and stainless steel (industry standard) were used to make the outer case. They are excellent materials, serving an extra sturdiness for a longer life time. Dual tubes, the diamonds of Broil King Baron 440, also made from stainless steel.

Broil King Baron 440 was said to always put performance at the top priority. It’s able to deliver incredibly high performance to the high of 40,000 that will be distributed evenly to avoid overcooking. Its special innovation, “Performance Grilling Technology” exists to give flexibility and usability.

Temperature control has been one of the main troublesome issues of Broil King grills, and they fixed this on Broil King 440. With all things have been improved, you can expect its maximum performance to deliver up to 650 to 700 degrees.

About the features, Broil King Baron 440 has some that might interest you. The Flav-R-Wave is ensuring that all the dripping juice from your meat will be vaporized back straight to the meals. Dual-Tube Burners is a unique feature to the Baron 440. What it can do is to deliver superheat nicely and evenly with maximum performance possible.

Stability is ensured with Level Q casters, it’s certainly helpful when you’re cooking in an uneven surfaces. Meanwhile, there’s also a feature that’s “adopted” from other brands. For example, the Sensi-Touch Control which’s enabling an easy and convenient control over temperature. This is a feature that was originally found in Weber.

Weber Spirit E 310

As mentioned above, Weber is one of the most popular brands in this field. Weber already produced the Weber Genesis, a line of wonderful grills which offer great features at a very limited price. One of them that’s known to date is Weber Spirit E 310.

Exceptional quality is all combined with the fastness in cooking. Most materials used for this grill are stainless steel for reaching the heat pretty quickly. With them around, the grill can easily turn up the heat while maintaining the consistency. This is one important aspect of the grill because if your grill can bring the heat quickly but unable to maintain it at a desirable level, it’s basically a useless machine.

They put an amazing performance on an excellent quality. This was quickly resulting in very high demand, and people quickly realized how amazing it is. Consistently is the word that is promised. With an excellent performance and the ability to maintain temperature accurately, you can really be a pro in just a matter of hours.

Burners are one of the main values of a grill. On Weber Spirit E 310, you can find three burners made out of stainless steel. With these three, you can cook quickly and evenly without worrying about burnouts. The heat level will be maintained as you desired to prevent overcooking.

The grill is completed with two cast-iron greeted porcelain coating with 513 square inches of cooking capacity. The size is even larger than Broil King Baron 440, so it’s one thing that you could consider.

Now is the feature. Fortunately, feature is not the aspect that Weber lacks. Within the Weber Spirit E310, you can find so many features that might help you in many unique ways. First of the Infinity Ignition, the ignition technology that presents in today’s grills. Basically it will make the ignition process easier.

The Flavorizer Bars will ensure the delicacy within each piece of meat, preventing the juice from getting out. Enjoy the juicy meats all day. In order to protect you from dangerous flare ups, the grill has a feature called Advanced Grease Management. Anything that’s bothersome like drippings and greases will be taken care of evenly.  For easier storage, users can fold the size of the grill. Read also: Napoleon Prestige 500 Vs Weber Genesis.

Broil King Baron 440 Vs Weber Spirit E310

- 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners deliver up to 40,000 BTUs heating the grill quickly and evenly
- 10,000 BTU powerful side burner. Cooking Surface- 17.48 inch Width, 25.67 inch Length
- 644-sq in total cooking area, including 444 sq. in of primary cooking space,
- Reversible heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grids / Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system / Linear-Flow valves with 180 degree Sensi-Touch control knobs
- Your purchase includes One Weber Spirit E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill in Black color, 46510001 model + 6 tools hooks and User Manual
- Grill dimensions: Lid Open - 63"H x 52"W x 32"D. Lid Closed - 45.5"H x 52"W x 24"D. Grilling area dimensions: 529 square inches
- Propane gas grill works with Standard 20 lb LP tank (sold separately).
- Other specifications: BTU-Per-Hour Input – 32,000. Stainless Steel Burners – 3. Side tables – 2 (Stationary) Swivel Casters – 2


We see the Broil King Baron 440 as a strong, non-stop machine. It works wonderfully, especially with those 4 burners, each cooking session will be promised to be as fun as possible. Offering generosity in cooking capacity, while serving an amazingly-constant performance. It’s certainly a good trade if you prefer a strong, dependable machine that could work all day long.

Weber Spirit E 310 however is also an amazing point in terms of value. It has a great value-for-money. And it even has an amazing customer point that’s a popular trait of Weber. So if you prefer a more safety grill, with a long warranty for a longer lifetime, this would be a nice option.

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