Broil King Baron 440 Vs Weber Genesis 330

Gas grill is the most convenient option for those who love to have a barbeque party or cook-out occasions with friends and family. They have plenty of capacity as well depending on how many serving you will want to make such as the Broil King Baron 440 Vs Weber Genesis 330 that should be able to cook for at least 5 servings at once. If you will have to cook for many people, let’s see which will fit you best from these two.

In this article, we are going to talk about:

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  • What are Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330
  • How are the Built of Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330
  • How are the Cooking Area of Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330
  • How Many Burners in Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330
  • What else Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 can offer
  • How are the Performance of Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330
  • Broil King Baron 440 Vs Weber Genesis 330

Gas Grill for Family

Fried foods and grilled foods are probably among the most popular cooking methods that almost all of us love. The dry and crisp texture of deep fried foods and the aroma with juiciness of grill foods are making everyone in the family can’t wait for their plate to be filled up. For those who are a fan of cook-out and have a medium to big size family, barbequing and grilling outside is just a fun way to both have a meal and to spend the quality time.

One equipment we must own for such occasion is a barbeque grill and we are sure many of us actually want to get the best, fancy grill for the family. But, just like everything else, not all options will just match everyone or every family and this is why it is necessary to pick one that will match with the need in your house whether it is just to feed two people or the whole family from 5 and more people. For this job, gas grill is probably the most ideal and convenient choice to opt for.

As the names suggest gas grill is the one that cook using gas whether it is from a liquid propane or directly from the natural gas pipe in your house. Usually gas grill in the same model is available in two variants to use either of these method such as Broil King Baron 440 Vs 490 while sometimes we can buy the conversion kit as well. The best thing about gas grill is the convenience and when it comes to reaching a high heat, you will only need about 10 minutes before start to put the ingredients.

The only drawback of gas grill in our opinion is the lack of aroma or grill flavor which comes from the charcoal but for the other benefits we get, it is worth to consider this grill is also easier to clean and to control; just like our kitchen stove. In addition we have to pay more for a gas grill and this is also why we have to choose carefully for the money to be well spent. When it comes to gas grill, construction matters and make sure yours is made from heavy metal.

 Broil King Baron 440Weber Genesis 330
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions57 x 24 x 45.5 inches30 x 60 x 64.5 inches
Shipping Weight153 pounds160 pounds

As for capacity, besides cooking area where you can put the food and cook together, the burners matters as well and the more the burner translates into the more serving we can make at once too. More burners give a flexibility since we can adjust each one of them at different heat so we don’t overcook the steak or delicate veggies while making other foods that require high heat setting.

About Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330

For those who often doing cook-out, investing on a good grill is a great idea; we can cook at home and cooking for more people at once. If you also think gas grill is the best option for the family, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and not all will be the same or matched with everything we need. Besides size, if you can narrow down the brands, it will be easier to select one.

When it comes to gas grill, plenty of names come to our mind but Broil King and Weber are probably two of the most well-known brands we often heard and see. These popular grill makers are often recommended on various list of good options or alternatives of each other depending on which seems to fit within the family the most. Chances are you can find the perfect size as well since they carry a huge variety of collection in the catalog.

If you are in for a larger grill for a large family or more than 5 people eating and gathering at once, we recommend to consider the Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 for they are offering a large cooking space or area that can handle such load. These grill are not cheap but should worth the convenience and time when serving for more people. If you have smaller families, we suggest anything from 300 to 400 square inches to save the budget.

These grills large capacity is perfect for weekend cook-out and if you plan to gather the family. In terms of functionality, the Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 are similar to each other and many alternatives out there so you can expect to see several burners, adjusting knobs for each one of them, and several additional features to ease the cooking tasks.

Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 Design

If choosing these grills, you don’t have to worry about construction quality because both of them are made of cast aluminum and porcelain steel for Broil King which also combined with cast aluminum. The Baron 440 is available in two finishes, the stainless steel and enameled iron black, the same with Genesis. Personally we do like the black one just because they tend to be easier to clean or keep clean. Similarly, the two have two tables at each side and they come unassembled.

There are two doors panel below the cooking area and the handle shape is the same for both grills. To help with transporting and storing, the two comes with four swiveling plastic wheel which is great on solid surface but if you have to put them above the grass, they will be slightly difficult to push. We suggest to assemble and moving them at least with two people because these grills are quit bulky and heavy even without the gas installed yet.

Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 Cooking Area

As it has been mentioned above, one of the most important method to select the best grill for the family is to consider the grill area or how many we can cook at once. In comparison, the Genesis 330 is actually slightly larger or wider than Baron 440 because the main cooking space for this model is only 444 square inch while the rest of 200 square inch is mentioned for the warming rack. On the other hand Genesis is offering a wide 507 square inch area with smaller warming rack art 130 square inch.

Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 Burners

The Genesis 330 can fit more ingredients or larger chunk of meat on the cooking surface but, if you are cooking different ingredients and dishes, we do think the Baron 440 will be more suitable because this grill has more burners on smaller cooking surface or 4 burners for the 440 square inch area compared to Genesis 330 with 507 square inch but the burners is only 3. More burners means better control over the heat but, there is another difference here as well.

This is about the heat of Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 main cooking area because side by side they are 40,000 and 38,000 which means the Genesis is using more BTU for each burners or an be translated on being slightly higher heat.

Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 Features

Next for the additional features, these grills are very simple however because we only get the side burner on both models which is almost like a standard on medium to large gas grill. This side burner is not hot enough for cooking in high heat however so chances are we are only using them for heating up some soup or sauce. If not being used we can just cover the burner and use this panel like a table on the other side of the cooking area.

Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 Performance

Lastly we want to talk about the performance of Broil King Baron 440 and Weber Genesis 330 but both are more on the positive than negative. For ease of use the two are amazing, easy to get used to and start with. The heat seem to be similar and gas grill tend to reach quite a high temperature as well but the Genesis do have a higher BTU per burner yet it is used to heat up a larger space so overall they are going to be about the same in heat spread.

Broil King Baron 440 Vs Weber Genesis 330

These grills are very convenient for family or users who are often having a cook-out or barbeque party. There is enough cooking space for making several servings at once and ideal for 4 or 5 and more people gathering together. The differences is Genesis actually have more grill space on the main cooking area but only has 3 burners compared to Baron 440 with its 4 burners and narrower cooking space. In addition the Genesis have a higher BTU for each burner but used to heat more cooking surface.

- 4 stainless steel Dual-Tube burners deliver up to 40,000 BTUs heating the grill quickly and evenly.
- 10,000 BTU powerful side burner.
- 644-sq in total cooking area, including 444 sq. in of primary cooking space.
- Reversible heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grids / Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system / Linear-Flow valves with 180 degree Sensi-Touch control knobs.
- The Weber Genesis E-330 grill features a front wall mounted control panel with 3 stainless steel burners and an individual electronic ignition system.
- Capacity: 507 sq. In. Main cooking surface; 130-square-inch warming rack; 637 sq. in. total cook surface.
- Includes porcelain enameled cast iron grates, built-in cart with painted steel doors, stainless steel handle, and porcelain enamel shroud with center-mounted thermometer.
- Comes with porcelain enameled seasoning bars; Glazed porcelain heat deflectors and 6 hooks.


You can go amazing with any of the two because there is no bad option here. Personally we recommend the Baron 440 because it has more burners and 444 square inch should be enough for typical gathering at home and since it has 4 burners, it is easier to control each cooking area as well.

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