Blackstone 1554 vs 1565

Are you planning on the garden party with grilling food with your family or friends? Then you will need the great burner grill for the best food you cook. Since there are so many brands for the burner grill, you may be having the struggle to decide the right burner grill that suits you the most.

That is why now we have the famous burner grill from Blackstone. They come with the 1554 and 1565 series which offers amazing features from them. Let’s take a deeper look over them so we can decide which one has the best features.

Blackstone 1554

Blackstone 1554 is the kind of burner grill that design for outside grill needs. It will produce delicious food that everyone likes. It has a simple design but with complete features. The cooking surface is huge enough to give you the most comfortable cooking experience. With this powerful cooking tools, makes it more joyful to your food grill. Read also: George Foreman Grill vs Cuisinart Griddler.

1554 from Blackstone has a simple design that very easy to assembly. There is a manual book on it and you only need to follow step by step to make it. The quick ignition button will help you to lock the right position on it. You will have less worry while assembly this burner.

Blackstone 1554 comes with a huge pan that has a removable place. It is very easy to remove so that you can wash it after finish cooking. The griddle is very easy to use so that you will have a great cooking experience. With four wheels that built-in right on the bottom leg makes it easier to move.

Blackstone 1554 offers the four adjustable heat zones that will make the easiest way for you to cook. This makes the versatile cooking surface where you can cook any different types of food in one griddle. You can make several foods at once so it will make an efficient way to cook.

 Blackstone 1554 Blackstone 1565
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions62.5 x 22 x 36 inches
62.5 x 22 x 36 inches
Shipping Weight120 pounds
120 pounds

The heat zone from Blackstone 1554 will not make you burn your food. It has a controller so that you can set it to the right heat as you want. It also has special features to keep your food warm while others cook still running. This is just a simple way to cook that everyone needs.

Blackstone 1554 has an expansive cooktop with a huge surface on both of the sides. You can grill and cook as much food as you can in only one griddle at once. This is the best burner grill to support your food during your party. You will make everyone happy with your delicious food.

Blackstone 1554 will help your cooking needs whether you cook for your family only or a whole neighborhood. You can set the griddle into the right size of your cooking. It covers you with the four solid stainless steel burners. It can cook any food you want such as vegetables or meat.

The dimension of the Blackstone 1554 comes in the light weighter design. It comes in 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches and 120 pounds of weight. This burner grill comes with a reasonable price that starts from US$393 in Amazon.

Blackstone 1565

Blackstone 1565 is the kind of huge griddle that suitable for outdoor cooking. It builts with the caster wheels that make it easier to move. The griddle has a huge size so that you can cook everything at once without make them burn. You will not be wasting your time to prepare several foods at once.

To start the griddle of Blackstone 1565 is very easy to start with no fuss ignition. It has an electric push-button igniter for a faster start. You don’t need to wait any longer to start cooking with this griddle. Besides, you can finish your cooking immediately with this griddle cook.

The secure footing comes from Blackstone 1565 with the standard and safety matter industrial needs. It comes with the four caster wheel which you can lock them if you are ready to cook in your comfortable place. You will have less worry if it will move during your cooking.

1565 from Blackstone can make any foods such as vegetables, meat for steak, delicious burgers, and many more. The adjustable heat will help you make your food well cooked without any terrible taste. You will find it the right way from the first time you taste the food you made.

The Blackstone 1565 features with the rear grease management and sleek stainless steel front panel. These will make this griddle greater to cook anything you want. with 720sq inches of griddle surface makes you can cook everything at once. It surfaced by a rolled carbon with 7-gauge steel on the griddle top.

The dimension of the Blackstone 1565 comes in about 158.8 x 55.9 x 91.4 cm and 65.3 kg of weight. This griddle is weight lighter so that you can move it easily without any difficulties. This burner grill comes with a reasonable price that starts from US$319 on Amazon. With these features on it, make this burner grill worth to buy.

Blackstone 1554 vs 1565

- Griddle top is easily removable. Rolled Carbon 7-Gauge Steel Griddle Top
- Four independently controlled burners with low to high temperature settings provide versatile cooking options
- Four industrial strength, caster wheels (two are lockable)
- Solid stainless Steel burners for long life, and thick Rolled Steel surface for excellent heat retention and distribution
- Easy assembly, and quick ignition button
- Griddle top is easily removable. Rolled Carbon 7-Gauge Steel Griddle Top
- Four independently controlled burners with low to high temperature settings provide versatile cooking options
- Four industrial strength, caster wheels (two are lockable)

Which One Do You Prefer?

Finding the right griddle to cook outside is important. That is why we need the Blackstone to fulfill your dream come true. after some research and see the review above, we jump into the conclusion that Blackstone 1554 has better features than 1565. As the grease drainage from 1565 doesn’t work properly, makes it has a lower capability.

The Blackstone 1554 comes with safer caster wheels that will make the griddle sturdier than the 1565 type. Besides, after using for months, the 1565 type has a terrible flat top in the right position. It makes the cooking running terribly with the rear center problem. But the 1554 type doesn’t have any issue with that matter.

The griddle comes from Blackstone 1554 has a sturdier griddle than the 1565 type. You will find that the griddle from the 1565 type will easily warp after a few months of use. But, there is no issue about that matter on the Blackstone 1554 which make it more amazing to use.

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